part 81: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Nick! Nicko…. I’m going over to visit the family ok?” Tom peeped into nicks room to let him know that he was leaving.

Tasha had started working on a sunday lately and tom visited all his family while she was at work. That left nick alone at home again.

“Hmm” nick muttered from beneath the blankets.

“Ok… Bye” tom said and closed the door behind him.

Nick opened his eyes and jerked up. “Huh? How in the hell did I get home? In my bed?”

He looked down.. ” And I slept in my clothes for the first time in my life… Eeew”

Nick was confused. He didn’t remember coming home last night, or what time he got home. Most of last night was a blur. He felt terribly groggy. And had a headache from hell.

He held his head in his hands and threw himself back down on the bed.

He tried hard to recall but all he remembered was having a good time and whatsapping tasha to say that he was going to be late.

Nick smiled at the memory of how much attention he’d gotten last night.

But then the smile disappeared as confusion set in. “But why can’t I remember much else?”

He sat for over an hour trying to put things together until he’s head was pounding and he felt nauseous. He was forced to leave his bed and rush to the bathroom but unfortunately puked all over the floor before he could reach the basin or the toilet.

Nick groaned. “I feel like hell…. Maybe I’ve picked up a bug and I’m going to be sick.”

He roamed the house looking for the domestic to clean up his mess. He was done cleaning toilets for the rest of his life, he was definitely not going to clean his own toilet now.

After dictating to her to clean up, nick grabbed a packet of oreos from the grocery cupboard and headed straight for his bed.

The house was eerily quiet and nick suddenly felt the loneliness.

“If only I didn’t have to come back home to this.. If only I could party all day and all night. I wouldn’t feel so alone.”

Nick spotted his phone on the side pedestal hoping to find a message from kelly. She was all that he dreamt about last night. She made him feel special and so did everyone else at the party as far as he could remember.

But unfortunately there were no messages and no missed calls and it was already 12 in the afternoon.

“Agh… There’s nothing really to wake up for… I might aswel just sleep in today. Its better than being all alone in this huge house.”

He looked for kellys number and sent her a simple

What if she didn’t bother about him now? What if she ignored his message? He feared rejection.

After a few minutes his phone beeped.
“Hey there handsome.”

Nick smiled and felt himself feel all happy inside again. His previous feeling of loneliness seemed to have disappeared almost immediately and he completely forgot about how sick he felt just moments ago.

“What you upto today?” Kelly asked.

“Nothing much.. You?” Nick replied

“Want to go out for some ice-cream later?” Kelly asked.

“Wow…. Did she just ask me out?” Nick was on cloud 9. But how was he going to go? He couldn’t tell her that he doesn’t drive. She’ll think he’s a nerd. But how was he going to go? Think nick. Think!

“Yeah that will be great…meet you at 3?” Nick replied still not knowing how he was going to get there.

They discussed where they would go…
“Great…..can’t wait! See you soon handsome!” That was the last of kellys messages for now.

Nick jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. He decided to get ready and then think of a plan to get there. Maybe he could ask kevin for a lift. Kevin drove his fathers car.

Nick took extra care in grooming himself today. He tried a few wacky hairstyles but it wouldn’t sit. He never used gel before and didn’t have any. He needed to start making a list of a few things he needed. Gel, perfume and a complete change of his wardrobe was a few things he could think of. His savings would come in handy right now.

Nick picked up his phone to call kevin and then decided to call tasha instead.
“Hey mum….. You’re busy?”

“Yeah abit… What’s up? I’ve got a minute.” Tasha replied.

“Err… I… Err some of the guys are going out for ice-cream later to the mall and…” Nick didn’t even finish his sentence.

“Son sorry.. I’ve got to go… Sure you can go.. Love you.. Talk later k. Have fun”

And just like that nick was free. No question of how he was going to go or with who or which friends…

We need to give our children all the love that they need so that they don’t turn in the wrong direction for attention.

Be a part of their lives and know who their friends are.

Yes working is important but our kids should be our first priority.

Keep track on where they’re going and with who.

Add on to the lessons learnt from todays post.

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8 thoughts on “part 81: (nicholas)”

  1. *shew* …….. Now how did he get home ????
    When parents don’t hav time for their kids and don’t sit n listen to them , they r dfntly goin to seek that love n attention elsewhere … Tasha is partly to blame for Nick’s behaviour … She gives him the money n freedom – yet the love is not there !!! It may not hav been easy cos she was a single mum , but that’s not a good excuse —
    We hav2 take out time – in our busy schedule- to listen to our kids , play with them and befriend them …. So that when they face any obstacles in life , they can turn to us for guidance !!
    Like how Hanzala could turn to his parents !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aslm**
    Glad to have you back !
    Hope you’re much better now. Been thinking about you a lot but barely had any time to message you! 😦
    I’m super super glad to see posts from you again 😀
    Hope you well. Shukran for not forgetting us 😉
    Remember me in your duas.. Take care
    Mwah xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nick is goin deeper °̩и da mess….
    He lacks parental love & is seekin love outside his home. Tasha is °̩и 4 a big shock wen she finds out wat he’s up to.

    Liked by 1 person

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