part 82: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Abba.. Its your decision in the end of the day. You’re always the wise one and know what’s best for all of us.” Hanzalah spoke to abdullah.

“I knew you’d say something like that.. But I want to know what you feel about it.” Abdullah asked.

Habeeba was too young and too oblivious of what exactly was going on. She was trying to scoop up the last of her ice-cream.

“Honestly, I miss ummi. I feel like no-one will ever be able to take her place. She’s put forward some very high expectations and no-ones ever going to be able to fulfil them. Ummi hasn’t just been a mother to us.. She’s been the perfect mother. She’s shown us what a perfect wife she was to you. And what more could we ask for than a very happy family. And it was mostly because of her. She out did herself. She taught me all that I know. She looked after us and brought us up with so many values. And the truth is, I don’t want naeema khalla to ever feel like she’s not doing good enough.” Hanzalah had a certain percentage of his fathers wisdom too.

Abdullah was silently contemplating over what his son had just said.

“Look abba. Ummi would be happy with this decision. She would want us to move on. She would want us to be well looked after and cared for. So maybe its best for you to ask Allah for guidance and take it from there. Whatever decision you make, we love you and we’ll be happy with it inshallah.” Hanzalah said and looked at habeeba.

Habeebas face was messed full of ice-cream, even her tiny little button nose had a dot of creamy white ice-cream. The sight was just hilarious and lightened up the situation as both hanzalah and abdullah both burst out laughing leaving habeeba as confused as ever.

Back at the house abdullah decided to not have any more talk about this topic until he read istikhaarah and came to a decision. It took a full 3 days of reciting Allahumma khirli wakh tarli…
“Oh Allah choose for me, and choose the best for me”

He called his mother to his room to relay his decision.
“Ummi jaan… I’ve consulted with hanzalah and also asked Allah for clarity on the matter and inshallah I’ve decided to go ahead with it. You can convey the message of my proposal to naeema and we’ll take it from there inshallah. If she doesn’t accept, no hard feelings at all. She is young and deserves someone who hasn’t been married before and with no extra baggage. But if she accepts then alhamdulillah and we don’t want to delay in nikaah inshallah.”

It was all upto naeema.. Would she accept this big responsibility. She was terribly young. And she had her whole life ahead of her. she came down to see her ill sister and serve her for as long as she could. Now the situation had changed. Her sister was gone and she was given the proposal to fill in her marhooma sisters shoes…

The wait was nerve wrecking for everyone in the house.

Everyone was due to leave in a weeks time as they had long delayed their return home. Naeema had to give her decision soon.

She was absolutely shocked at the proposal. She never expected such a thing and neither did anyone in naseemas side of the family.

Abdullah was like a much older brother to her whom she always had immense respect for.

She had never really spoken to him before. Besides for when she was a little girl. He was very fond of her but once she’d attained puberty, he had completely distanced himself from her as was the correct islamic ruling ofcourse.

Some would feel offended by this action, but this just made naeema respect her brother in law even more. More than that, she always made dua for her sister and envied her for having such an Allah fearing spouse. She made lots of dua throughout her teenage life that Allah grant her too a spouse like abdullah. Because as long as a person fears Allah, they would always treat his wife in the proper manner with compassion, love and understanding.

And now, not only had she received a proposal from someone just like abdullah, but she had received a proposal from abdullah himself.

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8 thoughts on “part 82: (hanzalah)”

  1. Hanzalah !!! Ever so wise like his father .. ما شاء الله …… And sweet Habeeba !!! Awwww , just feel soo sorry for her … But our beloved اللَّهُ knows best !!! ……..

    And now – wow …. Even Naeema knows what a gem of a person Abdulla is …. سبحن الله ….
    Read ur Istikhara dua Naeema … We waiting for ur answer !!
    (Altho’ I hav a strong feeling that its goin to b a YES !!! إن شاء ألله )

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i just dont like the feeling of them getting married.

    but hey,dont we have to use our intelligence even though it might contradict feelings???

    Liked by 1 person

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