part 83: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Look! Let’s all cut the act and get straight with everything.” Mike said and looked at beth and sam. “I suggest the 2 of you stay seated and we sort this matter out once and for all”

Beth began fidgeting with the hem of her blouse nervously while sam continued with his award winning act of innocence.
“We have no idea what you’re talking about. If this has anything to do with you guys taking sabreen to the circus like you’ve promised her, I’m sure we can work something out”

“The only circus that sabreen will be attending is this very circus over here sam” mike looked him straight in the eye and kept his gaze for a few seconds before pulling out a chair to have a seat at the head of the table.

He gestured for sabreen to sit next to him.

Hilda was starting to feel a little anxious and stood up to clear the table without making eye contact with anyone. Everything was so tense and cold, she was afraid of what the outcome of this would be. Mike didn’t discuss this with her first. She had no clue that he was going to address the situation upfront like this.

They agreed that they’ll keep sabreen with them for a little while longer while they figure things out and speak to their lawyer about how to go about things.

“Darling leave everything where it is and have a seat too. We all need to be here right now” mike addressed hilda.

Hilda carefully sat back down and placed the dishes she’d picked up back down on the table with trembling hands. She hoped to God that this wouldn’t turn ugly.

“Sam… Beth… With all due respect, sabreen will not be returning with you unfortunately. I’m going to try and go about this in a very adult like manner so I’d appreciate if you too do the same” mike began cutting through the tension.

Sam sat back against his chair and folded his arms over his fat chest acting all macho. “And why exactly won’t sabreen be coming home with us? We’re her parents and we have all the right to take her home where she belongs”

“Her parents?” Mike faked shock “some parents I must say. Let’s lay the cards straight on the table. Sabreen has been refused an education and she’s already a teenager. Sabreen has been emotionally, mentally and physically abused. She has been neglected all her life, and not forgetting, this innocent young girl was almost a victim of rape… By her own father….”

“That’s a whole load of crap!” Beth spat out.

“Oh is it beth? Which part was a whole load of crap?” Mike asked suddenly very interested in beths attempt to defend themselves.

“Every part of it.. For starters, sabreen wasn’t refused an education, we simply cannot afford to send her to school. We are struggling and can barely support ourselves for goodness sake, do you have any idea what it costs nowadays for a child to go to school? But I wouldn’t expect you rich, laa di daa folks to understand because while you’re basking in glory, fame and wealth, we unfortunately ARE struggling to make ends meet” beth sounded frustrated and angry.

“Well maybe if you party less and don’t burn all your money drinking most of your lives, you’ll find the means to give your child an education which I must add is compulsory. If the government has to find out that she has been deprived her entire life of basic education, you can be charged for it.” Hilda finally found the courage to speak up. One thing she hated was when beth spoke about her being rich and snobbish. Because beth had no idea how hard both hilda and mike worked to get to where they were today. Nothing comes easy and mike and hilda lived by the saying that “strength and growth come only from continuous struggle”.

“Right.. So that was point number one. For that you can get into major trouble. But what about the rest of what I’ve said. That can get you both locked up for a good amount of time if not for life.” Mike spoke before beth could retaliate.

“You guys believe this cheap piece of rubbish? Nothing that ever leaves her mouth is true. She’s known for making up stories and causing problems.” Beth said not giving sam a chance to speak.

“Sam did you forget? Or did you just choose to suffer from selective memory loss at the fact that there was a witness to you almost raping sabreen in your own home that night?” Mike said looking straight at sam.

Sam turned red, unsure of what to say….

Beth looked at sam with a confused look…

“Oh…. Did he not tell you that tony caught him and that’s how sabreen was saved?” Mike added some fuel to the already rapidly blazing fire.

Authors note:
Hope you all are well. Keep the comments coming, it motivates us and all the support is much appreciated.
Lots of love… B.A

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    1. Slmz sister, I see that you’ve subscribed already. If not, please let me know if I should still add u from my side.jx for reading, following, commenting and supporting..much appreciated


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