part 86: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Naeema jaan.. You are so young and beautiful. You have earned yourself such great rewards by looking after me and my family thus far… How will I ever be able to compensate you for what you have done?”

“Naseema bhen? How? But?” Naeema was absolutely confused. How was naseema right here in the room with her? Naseema was deceased. Maybe she was dreaming. But it felt so real.

Naseema smiled at her baby sister and placed her arm on her shoulder. ” Sometimes in life my sister, we have to make some crazy decisions. Allah says that we may think something to be good for us while it is bad for us while we may think something is bad for us when infact it is good… Allah is The most Wise naeema”

What was naseema trying to tell naeema? That abdullah was good for her and maseehullah was bad? Or vice versa? Wait! How did naseema even know about maseehullah in the first place?

Maybe she didn’t know… Mabe she was just advising her sister.

Naseema comtinued: “abdullah has been nothing but good to me. He has been the best husband to me and I have no doubt that he will treat you like a queen too. He may not have all the money in the world, and he may not be famous or well known, but he is known by Allah and the angels because of his piety. Nodoubt that he will never oppress you. And my children…. Your reward by Allah for looking after my children will be unfathomable.”

There was a sudden ringing in a distance and naseema turned to look away…

As the ringing got louder and louder naeema woke up with a shock.. She had to take a few minutes to take in her surroundings and realised that she was only dreaming and the ringing sound was infact her alarm for fajr salaah.

She switched the alarm off and lay back down for a few minutes as was her habit.

She was still shaken by her dream. Had she just dreamt about her deceased sister? Did that just happen?

Was naseema right? Would abdullah be better for her?

She realised that she had performed her istikharah salaah last night and even though its not necessary to have a dream as such.. She did..

This would be her answer and inshallah Allah will do what’s best for her.

She wasn’t married to maseehullah so its not like she would be going against her husband and committing a sin in any way.

Infact, this would complete half of her faith. And hopefully keep her away from further sin and heartache.

After performing ablution and establishing her fajr prayer, naeema sat down to recite some quraan. Mostly everyone in the house did this everyday and she could hear hanzalahs melodious voice reciting in the front room.

He had a beautiful and soothing voice..

Naeema decided to share her answer with abdullahs mother… Naeemas soon to be mother-in-law… at the breakfast table. She wouldn’t disclose to anyone about her dream though. they’ll just think she’s crazy.

She was shy and nervous but they had so little time left before everyone had to return back home so she had to tell them sooner rather than later.

Abdullahs mum was ecstatic at the news and couldn’t help her excitement. The buzz in the air was once again filling abdullahs home after weeks of sadness and depression.

This was it, naeema had accepted the proposal and now further preparations had to be made for their nikaah.

Abdullah asked to speak to naeema in private before things were finalised. There were a few things he needed to make sure of before engulfing in this new journey. Ofcourse they wouldn’t be completely alone. Naeemas brother would be in the room just an earshot away as islam doesn’t allow for an unmarried man and woman to be alone in one room. The 3rd person would always be shaytaan.

It was the first time that the 2 of them would actually talk personally to eachother.

Abdullah just wanted to make sure that naeema was certain about her decision and that she was ready to take up this great responsibility.

He asked her a few quick questions to which she shyly replied with one word answers. And then asked her if she had any questions for him to which she modestly shook her head.

They agreed that the nikaah would take place as soon as possible. The nikaah would take place the following evening after asr salaah.

Authors note:
So I didn’t make you wait too long for the next post… 🙂

Jx to all those who take the time out to comment and like the posts and also to those who silently follow the blog daily…

Remember me in your duas.. B.A

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18 thoughts on “part 86: (hanzalah)”

  1. a huge decision indeed,,,but shes so lucky to get a positive indication from her istikhara…butterflies are already breeding in my tummy 4 her!

    it’l be interesting to hear abdullahs p.o.v.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ur absence is always noticed !! … And as the saying goes .. ” Absence makes the heart grow fonder ” ……. Soooo … Just rmb we miss u lots …. BUT don’t go for too long .. Cos then the saying will b ” absence makes the heart grow fonder , OF ANOTHER PERSON !!!!!! “.
    Just kidding !!!!!!

    Anyway .. Wow .. What a dream!! ما شاء الله
    Good decision made .. N she seems like a wonderful person also … All the best to Hanzala n family !!
    ( I wonder when Sabreen Is goin to try to contact Naseema .. Cos she doesn’t evn know that she passed away !! )

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Uhibbuki fillah !!

    Liked by 1 person

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