part 88: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Nick and kellys relationship grew. It was an every night thing for them to chat till late. And nick hardly ever got his homework done, that meant detention almost every second day.

Tasha would scream at him every morning because nick was late for school. The late night chats didn’t allow him to wake up early enough and he was always exhausted.

Saturday nights were spent out with the boys and occasionally with kelly if she didn’t have other plans instead.

Slowly but surely nick got used to this carefree, party type of life.

It was all he looked forward to each day.

The only thing that got him down lately was the exhaustion. He really couldn’t cope up with things. He couldn’t keep up with school work and since exams were just around the corner, he was beginning to stress a little.

Since kelly and him were so close now, he voiced his opinion to her. “I’m really freaking out, I don’t seem to have the energy anymore, its like when we’re partying, I’m all hyped up and feel like I can go on for days, but somehow, by the time I get home, I can barely keep my eyes open and a good sleep doesn’t seem to help anymore.. Even after a good sleep I’m just so exhausted…”

Kelly was silent for a while before she spoke again taking nicks hand in hers.. “Nick…I err…” She paused to clear her throat… “I kinda have a confession to make”

Nick looked at her with a confused look. Here he was complaining about something and she finds it appropriate to confess her undying love to him? Didn’t make sense..

“What’s up babe?” He asked anyway giving her full attention.

“Well… You don’t just feel all full of energy and ‘hyped up’ .. ” She used her fingers to emphasise the ‘hyped up’ part… “On your own at the party.”

“What do you mean?” Nick asked even more confused now.

She looked down guiltily… “Promise you won’t be mad at me?”

Nick thought for a moment. What would ever make him mad at that beautiful face? The person who’s shown him happiness and fun and who ‘really’ cares about him.

He put his arm around her waist and brought her closer to him. “How can I ever be mad at you babe…? Now tell me… What’s your confession?”

This just made it harder for kelly… But she told him anyway.. “I’ve been spiking your drinks from the first day you joined us at the party… That’s why you have so much of energy to party”

She closed her eyes and covered her face with her hands… She couldn’t bare to see nicks angry face. She’s never seen him angry before and this may be the first time she would.

Nick dropped his hands from her waist almost instinctively….

“I’m sorry nicky.. I’m really sorry..” Kelly began to tear up..

Nick immediately softened up at seeing her cry and remembered that he promised not to get mad. He pulled her in to a hug..
“Sorry….” He whispered. “I didn’t mean to yell at you.. But what the hell babe?”

“I just thought you needed to have some fun.. ” Kelly sniffed.. ” And I enjoyed your company most when you were high.. Well I enjoy your company all the time, don’t get me wrong, but you’re just so amazing when you’re high…”

This brought a smile to nicks face. He looked around before pulling her to sit on a nearby bench.

“Okay, so you have to tell me what the hell you’ve been giving me.. Cos that feelings awesome… I need more of it… Loads of it… That’s the only way I’ll cope with everything….”

Don’t ever trust strangers or people to who appear to be your friends.

Never allow anyone to get a drink for you.

Don’t be naïve and gullible and be wary of the people and things around you.

Drugs are becoming more and more common in todays society, expecially with out muslim youth but unfortunately we turn a blind eye to it.

As parents, we need to keep track about these things as our kids can easily be introduce to all kinds of intoxicants and drugs.

Feel free to add on to lessons.
Authors note:
Pls make maaf when I mix up names and chapter numbers or any other mistakes for that matter.. I’m a little bit of a confused character…. Yikes.. But let me know so I can edit the post… Jx to amatullah for bringing it to my attention and sister/in/islam.

Jumu’ah mubarak everyone.. Its surely a blessed day in a blessed month, please remember me and my family in your duas. B.A

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6 thoughts on “part 88: (nicholas)”

  1. OMGEEE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Nick is now °̩и a deeep mess!:( It won’t be long b4 he gets caught… Αи∂ all hell is gona break loose. Argh!!! Wat a mess !:(

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  2. May Allah save and protect us all, firstly from being mothers that don’t pay any attention to their kids, and also from any form of drugs and intoxicants,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Its a sad , sad reality of life !!!!
    Our society is going from bad to worse and our kids r being exposed to soo much fitna’s that if we do not monitor them , or give them the proper love n attention , they going to be sucked in2 the wrong company and go astray !!
    Drugs is very easily obtained nowadays and in abundance too !! May اللَّهُ save all our kids n us too – آمين

    Poor Nick , he doesn’t realise that after the ‘highs’ there r absolutely terrible ‘lows’ !!! I hope they catch him quick b4 he’s too deep in ….

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

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