decisions and more…

*bismillahir rahmaanir raheem*

Assalaamu alaykum…

Apologies for lack of posts and not replying to comments and e-mails. My phone wasn’t working yesterday and I was seriously suffering from major withdrawal symptoms. :/

Anyway… Jx for the feedback with regards to the continuation of the blog and challenges.

Judging from the comments thus far, majority wins.. And that is that the blog will be paused before ramadaan and will continue after ramadaan inshallah.

And since we all are very busy preparing our freezers for ramadaan, I’ve decided that we start spiritual preparation at the same time too.

To not disrupt missing pieces, the quraan khatam and durood challenge will be done on my other blog ‘silent livings anthology. The first quraan khatam and durood will begin today inshallah so feel free to forward your contributions either by commenting or e-mailing(to those who have my e-mail addreSs)

To those who don’t have my e-mail address, kindly request me to e-mail you and I will send you my details via e-mail as I do not give personal details on the blog. (Females only)

Male bloggers (if any) may comment their contributions on the blogs.

To those who have not subscribed to ‘silent livings anthology’, please do sign up as there will be many spiritual posts throughout ramadaan inshallah.

The link is as follows:

Feel free to share whatever you like on ‘silent livings anthology’ too.

A very special sister has sent through a short story which has just been posted on ‘silent livings anthology’… Be sure to check it out!

And finally…. Next post on ‘missing pieces’ will be out some time today inshallah….

Jx for the continued support always

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