part 90: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Kelly was becoming a bore. She continuously nagged about how nick was neglecting her..
“You just don’t have time for me anymore… It takes you ages to reply to my messages and everytime I call, you’re busy or don’t answer. What’s going on nick?”

Nick didn’t want to let her go because she WAS his constant supply… But he also couldn’t take her whining anymore.

He was getting bored of just kelly and needed more.

That’s when he decided to start chatting to random girls. He found it fulfilling that so many girls gave him the time of day..

Kelly cared.. Or maybe she didn’t.. Maybe she just cared about his money and the gifts he would constantly shower her with. But she just wasn’t enough anymore. Nick craved more attention. He craved more love. He still wasn’t finding solace or contentment.

He watched kevin and the gang always laughing. They were always happy and they always had a different girl clinging to their arm.

“That’s what will make me happy.. More girls!”

So here he was in a situation. If he dumped kelly, he wouldn’t get the drugs that she supplied him with. So he would just have to use her until he thought of another way to get the stuff himself.

“Sorry babe… I’ll make it up to you okay… How about we both bunk school tomorrow and spend more time together?” Nick tried to cheer her up.

“Oh nicky… That sounds great!!!I miss you.. That’s all.. I’ll just stay home and act sick. You can come over and spend the day with me here……?”

“Okay sweety.. Will work something out.. I’ll call you before I get there k…. Just make sure you have enough of …ahem… You know what to cheer me up…” Nick tried to end the call.. He was dying to finish his chat with some of the other girls he was busy with before kelly called.

The rest of the night went in chatting to girls of different ages. Some sent him the most awesome pictures. He didn’t even feel himself getting tired. He pumped himself with more of the ‘good stuff’. Kelly had just stocked him up a week ago, and he already seemed to be running short.

That’s why tomorrow was the perfect chance to meet up with kelly and get more.

By 4am most of the girls called it a night. And nick was left once again all by his lonely self.

He was still feeling overly excited. Oh the thrill of having so many girls running at his feet.

He lay satisfied in his bed staring at the ceiling above..

He remembered that he needed to bunk school in the morning. How was he going to do it?

Not that it was his first time. Nick was used to bunking school nowadays. But all the other times, he’d done it with kevin who had a car and all the freedom to do as he pleased.

This time he didn’t want kevin with. But how was he going to get around? How was he going to get to kellys house?

He would have to think of a plan.

Kevin had taught him how to drive on several occasions but he hadn’t had the chance of sitting behind the steering wheel alone and neither tasha nor tom knew that he was learning yet. Somehow he thought that they would totally freak out if they found out that he was driving without a learners or licence. If only they knew how many more illegal things nick was catching up to lately.

Nick could also act sick and not go to school like kelly, but the problem with that was that tasha would call on the house phone throughout the day finding out how nick was feeling and by the evening she would be sure to call the in-house doctor to check on him.

And if he had to leave the house, the domestic would be sure to tell on him.

So that was out. Which means that he would have to go to school in the morning.

But what he could do was ask tasha to drop him off extra early, so that he could run away from school without any of the teachers or other kids noticing him.

And he could take a taxi! Yes!!! That’s what he would do… What’s the worst that can happen? No-one in the taxi would know that nick was some rich kid. Frankly, I don’t think they would even care….

Nick caught a 40 wink with a smile on his face before his alarm went off to get up and get ready for ‘school’….

When a person turns to haraam things for comfort, they will never find contentment. They’ll always want more.

Those are only enjoyable for a little while.. Whereas, when a person turns to Allah for comfort and towards the deen of Allah, they will find contentment.

Indeed in the remembrance of Allah will hearts find contentment.

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