no post!


Maaf… Just letting u know that I am unable to post today. Have tons of work and still not done… Maaf again.

Inshallah next post will be tomorrow evening…

Jumu’ah mubarak…

Posted by silent living…


9 thoughts on “no post!”

    1. Its not exactly a competition.. Its more a challenge.
      Competition means prizes.. And yikes, I’m in no position to reward anyone enough for making ibaadah.
      Challenge.. Because we all have so much of time to read blogs and write them, so if we have that much time, its a challenge upon ourselves to recite the noble quraan and send salawaat upon our nabi..

      Anyway.. You can visit my other blog and the details are there.
      Basically, you commit yourself to whichever juzz of the quraan you’d like to read by commenting on the blog


    1. So sorry for not posting yet. Seem to be having trouble posting and accessing any of my previous posts. Don’t know why. But I’m working on it and will try my best to post as soon as I can inshallah


    1. Wslm…

      Second juzz has been taken already but I’ll mark it for the next khatam inshallah and I’ll mark the 4th juzz for this khatam inshallah. Jx for ur contribution


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