part 92: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

‘Innal hamda lillah….” The moulana began in the masjid.

Abdullah couldn’t help but think of his first nikaah. It was so different to this one.

The first time around he couldn’t control his excitement, he could barely pay attention to what the moulana was saying or if he had said anything at all.

He kept rehearsing the words in his head ‘nikahtuha wa qabiltuha’

He couldn’t wait to be the loving husband to naseema. To start a new life. To no longer be a bachelor.

This time around he listened attentively to what the moulana spoke. He was so much more matured.

He was excited aswel. But for different reasons.

This time he was excited at the fact that he was unsure if he would be able to be a good enough husband to naeema and at the same time a proper father to hanzalah and habeeba.

He was worried if he had made the right decision and if this decision would alter their lives for better or worse.

But as the aalim spoke so profoundly about the importance of nikaah. About the importance of love after nikaah. The importance of fulfilling the sunnah of our beloved rasool of Allah, abdullah had settled down abit and placed his complete trust in Allah.

He would have to be the best husband to naeema. It was her right.

The nabi of Allah sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam had multiple wives, yet he treated every one of them justly. He loved every one of them equally and fulfilled the rights of every single one.

There was such beauty in islam. The solution to every problem can be found in the life of our habeeb sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam and his illustrious sahaabah.

So here he sat humbly in the masjid, seconds away from being the husband to a young bride who knew nothing about marriage, nothing about having kids or raising them and nothing about being a wife. It is going to be a journey which he would have to endure patiently.

As the aalim concluded his lecture. Abdullah was summoned to the front where the nikaah was to take place and he would once again recite the words ‘nikahtuha wa qabiltuha’.

It was then that abdullah had decided to close his past chapters so that he may start off completely with a new one.

A person cannot start a new book if he is still lingering on in an old one….

So as he said those words, a different type of blessing. Washed over him.

Immediately after the nikaah was performed, hanzalah proudly walked around the masjid, handing out dates to all that were present.

His dadi had prepared some special dates. Some which they had stuffed with coconut and others with almonds. Some were left plain too.

Abdullah searched for his son and hugged him.

‘Congratulations abba… ” Hanzalah could feel the tears filling up in his eyes… “Ummi would be happy with your decision today”

Abdullah couldn’t say much as emotion had overtaken him in that moment. He just hugged hanzalah tighter for a few seconds before they parted and headed home. Abdullah had to meet his new wife…

Abdullah could feel the happiness at home the minute he entered the house. Its been a long time since this house was radiating happiness. And this happiness can only be brought through nikaah.

He went forward to greet his mother.

*Allah look after you beta… Allah grant you happiness once again!” Abdullahs mother affectionately held his cheeks with tears in her eyes.

“Jazaakallah ummi jaan…. You have chosen this for me and I don’t doubt your choice one bit” abdullah reply..

“Jaa… Go now son…. Go meet your new bride!” His mother teased as she pushed him playfully in the direction of his room.

Abdullah couldn’t help but smile widely with a slight blush to his cheeks.

Before he could reach the room he picked habeeba up and kissed her on her cheeks…

Abdullah took a deep breath before knocking lightly on his own room door whic he would now share with his new wife…

He entered the room and greeted with ‘assalaamu alaykum’ and that’s when their 2 gazes met for the first time as one…

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