part 96: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Its been so sad and lonely back at abdullahs residence. It was basically just the 3 of them in the house every day and every night.

But instead of things being awkward, abdullah tried to be the best father and mother at the moment.

He would wake up early to make sure the kids were sorted in the morning. Hanzalah was a great help too.

There wasn’t anyone to look after habeeba so abdullah had to take her to the shop with him everyday.

He made sure to take a whole lot of activities for her so that she would be bored and instead occupy herself while he was busy himself.

After making sure that the beds were made and the house was neat, abdullah would drop hanzalah off at school and then head over to the shop with habeeba in tow.

At the time of zuhr salaah, he usually closed up and went to the masjid. Now he had to tag habeeba along to the masjid. He didn’t approve of girls going to the masjid and got a few looks for that, but he didn’t have much of a choice did he?

Luckily habeeba was very small still and she remained quiet all through the salaah, trying, in her own way to perform salaah aswel in one corner of the masjid.

The shop wasn’t doing too well. Abdullah found himself in a little bit of financial strain at the moment. With naseemas illness, and then demise and then having everyone over for all this time, it seemed to have taken his business down abit.

Even though everyone tried to pay for things while they were here, it was still his duty to make sure that all his guests were comfortable all the time.

This year was just a very taxing year thus far. But Allah doesn’t burden anyone with more that they can handle. And no difficulty will last forever. At some point Allahs going to change the bad conditions to good ones and reward a person for the patience they endured all through the hard times.

We are humans.. And weak ones too. We failed to comprehend the wisdom of Allah many a times. We may have the best of everything for years on end, and then Allah tests us for just a few months to a year and we immediately cannot cope.

Its at these times that we have to bear patience like Allahs great friend and servant, prophet ayoob(peace be upon him).

Prophet ayoob(peace be upon him) had the best of wealth, a big family and owned vast amounts of land and animals. But to test him, Allah had inflicted upon him a fatal illness. One so severe that in due course he had lost everything. His wife, his kids, the community around him, famly and friends, wealth… Everything. But never did he complain to Allah, instead he grew closer to Allah throughout his illness.

Allah tests His dearest servants the most.

And here abdullah found himself in a similar situation. It was test after test.

The final straw came one morning when he dropped hanzalah off at the islamic school that hanzalah was attending.

As they pulled up at the school, abdullah noticed the rich kids being dropped off in expensive, fast and mice looking cars whilst hanzalah was dropped off in an old and rickety red car.

This didn’t seem to bother his son much from the looks of it.

“Assalaamu alaykum abba….” Hanzalah greeted cheerfully as he got off the car. He turned around to give his sister a kiss on her forehead before jumping off, unperturbed that kids his age were watching and didn’t do such things.

Abdullah admired his son for this. He had to wait for a while before driving as there was a few cars ahead of him. That’s when he heard a group of kids snicker and laugh as hanzalah walked past them.

“Paki!!!!” The one remarked and the others roared with laughter.

Hanzalah ignored them and continued walking.

“Can you believe that his toppie got married already, his tannie isn’t even cold in her grave and the toppie is running off with someone else… Plus with his tannies sister…. Crazy people this hey!”

Authors note:
Jumu’ah mubarak everyone. Maaf for my lack of posts. Please bare with me till after ramadaan as this time of year is a little hectic for me. I will try my best to post whenever I have some free time inshalah

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5 thoughts on “part 96: (hanzalah)”

  1. shewh, insensitive is not even the word.

    we can condemn they behaviour to the moon n back but thats all bcoz we kno the history…bet if we didnt we would of been speaking just as well…its an eye opener us not to comment on whats not our business.

    if any one says “paki”in a derogatory way, just ask them where most of our pious saints originated from???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So so true…

      Abdullah and family have been through such struggles and they had only done everything with Allahs help so when ppl talk against them without knowing much about their lives.. Its only foolishness on their part


  2. Enjoying your blog sister. So many lessons here, the insensitive remarks n their impact, society judges- but is it True??, the issue of our colour/ descent ect- it has been given by Allah so how can we mock.


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