part 97: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Abdullah was so hurt at what he heard. No he wasn’t hurt. He was disgusted. No actually he felt sorry for these kids. Sorry that they were brought up in this manner, to talk like that about other people at such a tender age? These very kids were going to be the future generation. The future adults and leaders.Is this what they are going to be like as adults? Is this the very thing that they are going to teach their kids and their kids kids?

Obviously the parents of these kids discuss other peoples lives as if their lives are perfect and as if they have it all.

And obviously the parents of these kids discuss these things right infront of their innocent children, not realising the outcome of their actions.

Abdullah could have simply jumped out of the car and reprimanded them for their outrageous remarks. But ofcourse he knew better than that.

Reprimand them today and they’ll run straight home to complain to their brainless parents and then they’ll all pitch up at his front door ready to fight and justify their actions.

Absolutely pointless!

Abdullah wasn’t afraid of them fighting with him, but he just couldn’t allow hanzalah to be picked on any more than he already was.

He drove off to work with habeeba and continued his day but what happened that morning couldn’t leave his mind for even a moment.

How long had hanzalah been bullied and mocked just because he came from another country?

You know what’s the funniest part of it all..?. That we’re treated as less of a human being because of where we come from. Like we choose to come from a certain place.

but let a child from the states, london or even saudi start attending the school and automatically they will be given a different preference. They will be held up high because of where they come from.

Pakistani and indian kids are mocked at and treated as less of human beings, along with malawian or zimbabwaen kids simply because of their colour or place of origin.

But let there be a world cup held in pakistan for example and then everyone is ‘proud’ to have gone to pakistan for the world cup.

Honestly, our priorities in life are so messed up, its scary.

There was no point complaining to the school either. What could they do when they were none the better themselves.

But there was no way that abdullah was going to allow his son to be a laughing stock anymore. Especially because he now knew what he was going through.

His love and admiration for his son grew even more now knowing that he bared it all with patience and never came home to complain.

Abdullah was brought out of his reverie when a customer walked into the shop.

He walked over and greeted with a smiling face.. “Hello sir… Can I help with something?”

Abdullah spent the next hour helping the customer with whatever he needed. He tallied up the amount and found that this man was so warm and wonderful.

In this hour this very stranger who wasn’t even a muslim spoke to abdullah as if he was a human being. He didn’t ask where he originally was from and even though abdullahs accent made it clear that he was a foreigner, he didn’t judge him. He was such a friendly person and spoke non-stop about his life and what he did and about his kids.

What caught abdullahs attention was when he spoke about his kids education. He had one daughter and one son who both attended private and seperate schools.

Abdullah was very interested and had a great idea….. Now all he needed to do was speak to hanzalah about it.

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7 thoughts on “part 97: (hanzalah)”

  1. So true how people are so quick to judge and mock but what we forget is that our grandparents/greatgrandparents came from India/Pakistan too. Its just that we’re 3rd/4th generation South African’s that’s why our English is better but the bottom line is we also have roots in those countries. So true about how parents today will raise their children to be like themselves. I look at some parents nowadays and wonder what their kids will turn out to be like. Beautiful post as always. Loving the story line 🙂

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  2. Assalamualaikum, I understand the point you r trying to make but it also seems to me that we r guilty of the same, referring to your reference to people of other nationalities in your post. South African indian muslims ( i am 1 myself )in particular have a huge problem due to the baggage from india itself, till today there r references to gujrati, urdu, caste etc within 4th, 5th and 6th generation south africans so obviously those with the same mentality will be even harsher against anyone even more ‘different’. Then you get the same amongst those believed to be religious, where we are encouraged to only follow scholars of india and Pakistan because according to most of SA scholars Allah has accepted the work and efforts of only these, a few others r given grudging acceptance if they agree totally with them. Africans r many a time referred to as k arias, these people,this nation and other derogatory terms. Kids call domestic helpers by their names, their mums call them ‘girls’and we call old men ‘garden boys’. Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change themselves. What i am trying to show you is how deep rooted this ‘superiority is. We also refer to european, American, Australian and UK muslims etc sometimes as though we r far superior in practice of our deen but most whom I know r the most humble, hard working and dedicated to being pro active muslims who are bringing out sterling works of islamic education based on Quraan and Sunnah for our kids and youth and adults as well while we sit back and only trust books of indian/Pakistan and those with the same background as ‘us’. We cannot obviously harm our deen by just learning from anyone but the problem here is we automatically mistrust anyone who is not of ‘us’. Most of these muslims from these other cultures and ethnicities put me, a born muslim to shame when I see their level of practice of authentic deen. To summarise, are we trying to break 1 stereo type but at the same time perpetuating other stereotypes?
    PS. And sister, South Africans barely tolerate Saudi, according to most of this same mindset, most Saudis are lazy,astray and slaves to America except those who also accept the rank of the scholars of India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan have to feature. Everywhere.
    It’s mind boggling, the double standards. Speaking of our local society in general and on the whole. May Allah protect us,aameen.
    Any goodness is from Allah and any wrong is from my nafs and Shaytaan. JazakAllah for your time.


    1. Was salaam dear sister. Jx so much for your comment.
      I really appreciate the feed back and agree with almost all your points. But I can’t seem to understand where you think I have double standards?I’d appreciate if you could pick this out for my own benefit so that I may rectify, because just like you, I also disagree with calling other nationalities by derogatory names. Just like you, I also NEVER allow my kids to call my domestic workers or garden boys by their names. Instead they are called uncle and aunty. Just like you, I detest my kids using words like ‘oupa’ etc for the elderly of the african nation.
      Just like you, I also believe that I’d love to learn deen from whomsoever Allah chooses to spread it, regardless of where they come from. For me, I believe that Allah can even ‘use’ a non-muslim for the propogation of his deen. I’m not judging U.S or U.K or saudi people. You probably missed my point. My point is that people regard you differently because of what colour, race or nationality you come from or how wealthy you really are instead of loving you for who you actually are.
      Please make maaf if I’ve offended you in any way but please do clarify where I have wronged.jx


      1. Maaf, as you’ll see if you go through my comment again that I referred to society in general with my reference to double standards. Not to you in particular. I wanted to emphasise the deep rooted nature of the south African Indians sense of superiority. JazakAllah.

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      2. Jx for the clarification sister… Agree with u all the way..maaf for the misunderstanding n jx for the thought provoking comment..keep them coming…jx


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