part 104: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Naeema was trying really hard to settle in. She was young and didn’t know much about marriage and responsibility and here she was basically thrown into the deep end…

But having an understanding husband like abdullah made the whole situation much easier.

It wasn’t so much easier for abdullah either. He was the middle man. He had to make life easier and bearable for his new bride and at the same time continue being the best father and only real parent to his kids.

Hanzalah was old enough and knew how to handle things- thanks to his great upbringing. But habeeba was still little and not mature enough to know where to draw the line. Besides, she didn’t get the same upbringing like hanzalah did because naseema fell ill when she was still too young.

Hanzalah loved his sister and tried to be the protective yet loving older brother to her. He tried to teach her right from wrong and guide her the way his mother did.

She was now in an all girls private school across the road from hanzalahs. She was learning a lot and would come home to teach naeema whatever she could. In her innocence, she ever so often made naeema feel a little out of place.

Like the other day for example. Naeema decided to cook something that abdullah mentioned he enjoyed a lot. It was a beef nihari curry with extra chilli, ginger and lemon on the side. He never ordered her to make anything special, but the way he spoke about it could make anyones mouth water.

So she attempted to prepare it exactly the way he said he liked it.

She was used to cooking a little differently back home and wasn’t accustomed as yet to the way abdullah and the kids enjoyed things. She still had a while to learn and get used to their habits and ways.

She took so much of time and effort that day. Maybe a little too much of effort though.

In her nervousness, she couldn’t seem to function the steam pot properly. she never really used one before but abdullah said that it will speed up cooking time and the steam pot basically cooked the meat tender and soft to the bone.

So first she put in too much of water and didn’t seal it tight enough. She placed the pot of high and while she prepared her dough for some garlic butter naan, left it cook. A few minutes later, the entire kitchen was a mess. The curry exploded everywhere in the tiny kitchen and all over naeema too.

She was so frustrated and they didn’t have a helper yet so after she went to get herself cleaned up, she started scrubbing through the kitchen. The stove looked disastrous and a couple of good years old with all the stains of he curry and ghee…

Finally she was done cleaning up the kitchen only to realise that she hadn’t completed making her naan dough. When was it going to rise? It would soon be dinner time and the curry still wasn’t even cooked and the naan dough still needed to rise before she could roll them out and fry them.

In her panicked state she tightened the pressure cooker once again with much less water in. She turned her stove to 6, which was high and rushed to complete her dough. She covered the plastic container of dough with the hope of it rising quickly.

In the meantime, she rushed to shower and pray her asr prayer. But she couldn’t concentrate well. She was choking and coughing throughout her salaah and once she made salaam, she realised that something was burning.

She was right, the pot of curry was smoking on the stove.

She wanted to cry. Everything was just going wrong and to top it all off, the naan dough hadn’t risen. Because in all her frenzy, she forgot to add the yeast. The unopened packet of yeast was hidden beneath the container of dough.

She added it and re-kneaded the dough and left it close to the stove to rise whilst she set the dastarkhan(floor mat for eating) for supper.

When she gazed at the clock, she became aware that abdullah and the kids would be home in 10 minutes so she rushed to roll out the dough while her pan was getting hot.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough time and the naans were hard but raw.

Abdullah put his first morsel in his mouth and shifted in his seat but continued eating with a smile as if he was eating the best food ever.

Hanzalah too didn’t say anything. Instead he took longer to eat and washed the food down with gallons of water.

But habeeba ofcourse had to have her say.

“what are we eating?” She asked as she chewed slowly with her mouth open and her face all funny.

“Food!” Abdullah replied abit too quickly.

naeema could already see the awkwardness.. “nihaari kari and garlic butter naan habeeba beti”

“But why does it taste like this?” Habeeba pulled her face some more.

“Habeeba!” Hanzalah scolded with big eyes.

“What bhai jaan? Its tasting like… Smoke..” Habeeba continued.

Naeema looked at abdullah and then down in her plate and played with her food.

“Habeeba.. If you don’t keep silent, I will send you straight to your room without supper.” Abdullah threatened.

“Okay abba jaan.. I’ll rather go to my room than have supper tonight. This food is awful. Its not like ummis nihari and the naan is hard, like I’m eating cardboard.” Habeeba remarked as she scraped her chair backward slowly and ran off to her room.

Authors note:
Jumu’ah mubarak to everyone. Hope u all are well and remembering us in ur duas.
Bibi ayesha


part 103: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Gone were the days where a state of the art RC helicopter would impress nick. Nick had turned into someone not even his own mother recognised.

Tasha had given up on grounding nick or taking away privileges. Because everytime she did, Nick did something worse.

Nick refused to get help for his him it wasn’t harmful. It was harmless and helping him cope. It was just some innocent, clean fun that he was having.

“You are the cause of me changing… You are the problem. Not me or anything else” nick blamed tasha everytime she tried to tell him that he needed help.

Nick had failed the 11th grade miserably and was just allowed to continue with school because of tashas constant pleading with the principal. However he kept warning her that if nick doesn’t behave, they would expel him. They cannot tolerate misbehaviour like his.

“I don’t even want to go to school anyway…. So who cares if they expel me…” Nick hit back at tashas warning with a shrug.

“I care nick… Stop being so selfish! Its not only about you. What about mine and toms reputation in this town?” Tasha replied. She was getting terribly frustrated at his ‘don’t care’ attitude.

“Oh! Since when do you care about what people say?” He spoke back rudely.

By now nick already had a tattoo of a snake on his back (which tasha was unaware of), a tongue ring(which she was totally unaware of) and a pierced left ear(which she freaked about when she finally did notice it.)

“What? Its the new ‘in thing’ mother…. Stop being so old fashioned!” Nick laughed while tasha just shook her head in disbelief. Imagine her expression if she knew about the tattoo or tongue ring.. She’ll probably get a heart attack.

The thing with tasha was that she was totally lost. She had no idea which way to go with nick. She couldn’t be too strict, nor could she give him too much of freedom. But how was she supposed to discipline him? Or was it a little too late for disciplining?

And everytime she was too hard on him, he would lock himself up in the room until guilt ate at tashas heart and she would eventually have to apologise or bribe him with something new to forgive her.

Most of the time it would be a new cellphone, perfume or watch or a bag full of clothes.

“You’re spoiling him…” Tom remarked whilst reading the newspaper and not making eye contact with tasha.

“Well his my son and maybe I over react sometimes.. What else do I do to make it up to him?” Tasha sighed.

Tom disagreed but he didn’t dare interfere or tell tasha that. Most of their fights were usually about the way she’d raised nick.

But according to tasha, it was hard on her and she had no help so no-one has the right to criticise her or blame her for nicks upbringing.

Nick however, felt a certain inclination to hanzalah since he’d started at the same school. But he wouldn’t dare let anyone know. He could lose close friends because of that.

Nick was the ‘cool’ guy and it wouldn’t be all that ‘cool’ to be hanging around with the ‘weirdo’ of the school. That’s why he met him in the library or other places where people wouldn’t notice.

He found hanzalah to be peaceful and content and always happy no matter what people called him or how people treated him. But he couldn’t quite understand why.

Hanzalah had no friends in school and it didn’t matter to him.

People laughed in his face at his style of dressing but he never retaliated or changed his ways.

He took it all in and yet always had a smile on his face..

Maybe because hanzalah had the perfect life? A perfect family with both parents.. Or so he thought!

Authors note:
Sorry sorry sorry… Please bare with me.. Like I said, posting everyday is just not going to be possible so I’ll surprise you with a post whenever I can inshallah. Jx to all those who follow and read this story and even more jx to those who take the time to comment.
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Premio dardos award


**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

I would like to thank my wonderful friend, blogger and very close sister in Islam who I’ve never met but love dearly for the pleasure of Allah.., ‘papatia feauxzar’ from the blog for nominating me with the Premio Dardos Award. I feel absolutely honoured that I was first on her list. This award seeks to congratulate and recognize bloggers who pen and ponder on cultural, ethical, literary and personal values that are transmitted in the form of original and creative writing in their respective virtual spaces.

Award Rules
1. When you accept the award, post it on your blog along with the name of the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog.
2. Include the image of the award in your post.
3. Pass it on to 15 other bloggers worthy of this acknowledgement.

My nominees are :
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Hope you all enjoy the above links as much as I do.

Lotsa love always..
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part 102: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Aunt hilda, uncle mike!! This is awesome… Its the best gift I’ve ever received in my life….” Sabreen jumped up and hugged them both.

The 2 of them smiled with contentment. It was so easy to please sabreen. She wasn’t spoilt or used to the simple things in life that other kids take for granted.

Our kids have everything of the best. And when they’re tired of one thing, they receive the next and sooner than it was received, they’re tired of it.

Its so hard to keep them pleased and satisfied.. Its sad!

They enjoyed having her around and finally could appreciate having a child who they could call their own.

Although sabreen wasn’t their own from birth. She has become so much a part of their lives, they cannot imagine life without her anymore.

It took ages for sam to sign the papers. He ducked and dived every time the lawyers were looking for him to sign, but eventually he had agreed and got it over and done with. Ofcourse there was a large sum of money offered to sam. Otherwise they’d still be trying to get him to get over with all the paper work.

Now that they think of it, it was all worth it.

Sabreen, unlike many other kids out there, was fortunate enough to get a second chance in life. She was given a better life with hilda and mike.

How many kids out there are being abused and ill-treated and left to suffer such a life. No-one to help and they too only dream of being happy and free one day. But that’s all that it is.. Just a dream. And their life.. Its just a nightmare.

They took her regularly for therapy. At first it was tough. Sabreen couldn’t and wouldn’t open up to just anyone. But after much time, love, understanding and compassion and patience, sabreen was on her way to some sort of peace.

She’d made a little bit of peace with her past. She was still reserved around other people, but was very comfortable around hilda and mike.

As part of the papers sent through for sam to sign was a restraining order against both sam and beth. They were not allowed in close proximity to sabreen under any circumstances. It was a little harsh, but it was only for sabreens own security. Not that either of them made a fuss… They radily agreed…

She had nightmares for months after they left from hildas house angrily that day.

She would wake up screaming, sweat dripping down her and very high fever. There were times when it got so severe that they had to give her a sedative to calm her down so she and they could have a peaceful sleep.

Now things are much more settled. Sabreen hasn’t had a nightmare in just over a year.

She visits alice and tony every now and then and they visit her too as often as possible.

Hilda and mike had gotten a private tutor to come home daily and teach sabrEen whatever she needs to know. And she’s been progressing well. Sabreen is actually quite bright and picked up a lot.

They couldn’t send her to a school. She would be way behind kids her age and the other kids would obviously mock and laugh at her and sabreens been through enough already to still go through any more torment.

“I’m so glad that you like it breeni… We were worried actually..” Mike explained.

“Like it? I love it…. Ever since I seen those pictures on the television… I’ve been dying to sit in one of those.” Sabreen exclaimed.

She was jumping for joy like a little kid who was given something they’ve been nagging for for ages.

“So?? When do we leave?” Sabreen asked gleefully.

Hilda giggled at sabreens excitement. “Soon sweety.. Soon.”

“Nothings finalised as yet…” Mike said. “Its just a thought.. Just something we would like to do.. But nothing can stop us… We just wanted to know if you’re happy with the idea.. And seeing that you are… I’ll start working on those plans first thing tomorrow morning”

That night, after jumping out of the shower and wearing a clean set of pj’s, sabreen climbed into bed and fell asleep dreaming of herself flying high in the sky like a bird, with wings, above the clouds…. Free!

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SEASON 2-part 101:(nicholas+hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Hanzalah sat at the medium sized round wooden table at the school library, clicking his black pen in and out whilst trying to make sense of the equation his teacher had just tried to drill into their brains..

It was recess and hanzalah preferred spending his time studying in the library instead of around all the other kids in school. Especially because it was ramadaan and he didn’t have lunch to eat.

Its been a few weeks into the new year and he kind of settled in. Although it was completely different from being in an islamic school.

In the beginning everyone stared him down like he was some kind of an alien. But now I guess they’re getting used to seeing his weird self around the school.

Hanzalah took a look at the library clock to see how much of time he had left before the buzzer would go for the end of recess and then continued to study since there was still 10 minutes to go when he suddenly felt a solid hand on his back which stung the life out of his bony self…

There could only be one person in the whole world who would do that and who’s hand was that firm..

It was none other than nicholas… The only guy in the school who was brave enough to talk to hanzalah.

“Honestly chap… This is no way to be wasting your youth… Chill out.. Recess is to have fun bro and EAT!!” Nocholas started his ranting..

This was something they’d go through almost on a daily basis..

Nick was the ‘cool ou’ who was carefree and lived life to the fullest… And hanzalah was the total opposite.. The 2 of them were like shampoo and shwarmas.. How they got along, no-one would ever understand…

“What is this?” Nick continued holding up one of hanzalahs workbooks as if though it was used toilet paper…. ” You’re studying like a nerd!”

Hanzalah smiled at the ignorance of his friend but remained quiet.. There was no use explaining certain things to certain people so he saved himself the effort but silently hoped that his nick would oneday be guided.. Maybe if nick studied hard enough, he wouldn’t have failed the year last year and the 2 of them would have both been in their final year together.

He could always sense that nick had a tough life,even though nick never said so himself… He was a rich, spoilt kid who had way too much of freedom and no discipline at all. but hanzalah never judged him. Infact, he felt really sorry for him. And wanted to help him.

“I told you yesterday nicholas, and the day before and the day before too. Its my fasting month. We don’t eat at all during this month.” Hanzalah explained again.

“Yeah whatever!” Nick replied uninterested… “So what’s new man? When are you gona join me for some partying?”

Hanzalah laughed and shook his head.. “Never!”

“Oh you’re so boring….” Nick commented

“Thanks! I prefer it that way. I’m content with my life. Studying and doing what I need to.. Its my way of partying” hanzalah replied calmly.

“I don’t get you…. How do you remain so calm and collected? You’re always so calm! Its annoying” nick said frustrated.

Thats when the librarian looked in their direction and shooed them. It was a library. It was supposed to be quiet and it was until nick appeared.

Hanzalah felt embarrassed while nick just returned a dirty look her way.

“So why are you here anyway?” Hanzalah whispered

“Can a guy not look out for you? I have to make sure that no-ones picking on you, you know?” Nick replied a little too loud which caused him the look of the librarian again which he ignored.

“Like my personal body guard? I’m quite fine you know. I told you before, I have my God to protect me and I’m not afraid of anyone…” Hanzalah explained.

“Yeah! Sure… And where was your ‘God’..” he mocked.. “…that day when kevin and the gang almost threw you in the big black garbage bins at the back of the school huh?” Nick replied annoyed.

Authors note:
Welcome back everyone… Its been such a long while, I’ve even forgotten how to write a story so just bear with me please. I’m not sure how often I can post but whenever I do get a chance I will. Please subscribe to the blog so that you’ll receive updates whenever I post.
Oh and pleeeeeeeez comment! It will inspire me to write more and then you don’t have to wait too long for the next post!
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eidun saeedun..

Assalaamu alaykum from the ‘miSsing pieces’ team..

May Allah accept all our efforts and good deeds during the blessed month of ramadaan.

I honestly missed everyone during this extra long break. But inshallah, as soon as I can find my feet somewhere around the house… I’ll be back.. :))

No promises for exactly when, but why don’t you all start commenting your ideas for season 2 to push some inspiration through my over rusted brain..

Enjoy your eid and remember myself and my family in your special duas…

Bibi ayesha

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