SEASON 2-part 101:(nicholas+hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Hanzalah sat at the medium sized round wooden table at the school library, clicking his black pen in and out whilst trying to make sense of the equation his teacher had just tried to drill into their brains..

It was recess and hanzalah preferred spending his time studying in the library instead of around all the other kids in school. Especially because it was ramadaan and he didn’t have lunch to eat.

Its been a few weeks into the new year and he kind of settled in. Although it was completely different from being in an islamic school.

In the beginning everyone stared him down like he was some kind of an alien. But now I guess they’re getting used to seeing his weird self around the school.

Hanzalah took a look at the library clock to see how much of time he had left before the buzzer would go for the end of recess and then continued to study since there was still 10 minutes to go when he suddenly felt a solid hand on his back which stung the life out of his bony self…

There could only be one person in the whole world who would do that and who’s hand was that firm..

It was none other than nicholas… The only guy in the school who was brave enough to talk to hanzalah.

“Honestly chap… This is no way to be wasting your youth… Chill out.. Recess is to have fun bro and EAT!!” Nocholas started his ranting..

This was something they’d go through almost on a daily basis..

Nick was the ‘cool ou’ who was carefree and lived life to the fullest… And hanzalah was the total opposite.. The 2 of them were like shampoo and shwarmas.. How they got along, no-one would ever understand…

“What is this?” Nick continued holding up one of hanzalahs workbooks as if though it was used toilet paper…. ” You’re studying like a nerd!”

Hanzalah smiled at the ignorance of his friend but remained quiet.. There was no use explaining certain things to certain people so he saved himself the effort but silently hoped that his nick would oneday be guided.. Maybe if nick studied hard enough, he wouldn’t have failed the year last year and the 2 of them would have both been in their final year together.

He could always sense that nick had a tough life,even though nick never said so himself… He was a rich, spoilt kid who had way too much of freedom and no discipline at all. but hanzalah never judged him. Infact, he felt really sorry for him. And wanted to help him.

“I told you yesterday nicholas, and the day before and the day before too. Its my fasting month. We don’t eat at all during this month.” Hanzalah explained again.

“Yeah whatever!” Nick replied uninterested… “So what’s new man? When are you gona join me for some partying?”

Hanzalah laughed and shook his head.. “Never!”

“Oh you’re so boring….” Nick commented

“Thanks! I prefer it that way. I’m content with my life. Studying and doing what I need to.. Its my way of partying” hanzalah replied calmly.

“I don’t get you…. How do you remain so calm and collected? You’re always so calm! Its annoying” nick said frustrated.

Thats when the librarian looked in their direction and shooed them. It was a library. It was supposed to be quiet and it was until nick appeared.

Hanzalah felt embarrassed while nick just returned a dirty look her way.

“So why are you here anyway?” Hanzalah whispered

“Can a guy not look out for you? I have to make sure that no-ones picking on you, you know?” Nick replied a little too loud which caused him the look of the librarian again which he ignored.

“Like my personal body guard? I’m quite fine you know. I told you before, I have my God to protect me and I’m not afraid of anyone…” Hanzalah explained.

“Yeah! Sure… And where was your ‘God’..” he mocked.. “…that day when kevin and the gang almost threw you in the big black garbage bins at the back of the school huh?” Nick replied annoyed.

Authors note:
Welcome back everyone… Its been such a long while, I’ve even forgotten how to write a story so just bear with me please. I’m not sure how often I can post but whenever I do get a chance I will. Please subscribe to the blog so that you’ll receive updates whenever I post.
Oh and pleeeeeeeez comment! It will inspire me to write more and then you don’t have to wait too long for the next post!
Bibi ayesha

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27 thoughts on “SEASON 2-part 101:(nicholas+hanzalah)”

  1. “WELCOME BACK ” …….. U were dearly missed !! *wink* ………..
    Hope u made lots n lots of dua for me during ramadaan … N still continue to make plz ….

    Oooh .. So now Nick n Hanzalah hav befriended each other – n so starts the reformation process – إن شاء ألله ……….
    Let’s just hope that Hanzalah influences Nick n not vice versa !!

    Really good to have u bak !!!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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  2. أسسلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركات
    Hope u had a good eid. Its been too long so enjoyed the post. Keep them coming pls.


    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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  3. welcome back! nice to read a post from u again! I see the missing pieces joining now ☺ yea i hope hanzalah is a good influence on nick n ends up givin him dawah instead of the other way round..sabreen shud start the same school as well lol..wud lyk the nxt post from her POV plz..
    keep up the good work n keep the posts coming..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Salaam and welcome back!
    Shukran for posting, almost thought I was gonna forget how to read 😛
    Hehe hope you had an inspiring Ramadan and a joyous Eid!

    Remember me in your duas xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wasalaam my long lost sister.hope u doing well…

      Hahaha..very I deff did have an awesome ramadaan and eid and hope yours went very well too.

      May Allah always keep u happy and content..ameen


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