part 102: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Aunt hilda, uncle mike!! This is awesome… Its the best gift I’ve ever received in my life….” Sabreen jumped up and hugged them both.

The 2 of them smiled with contentment. It was so easy to please sabreen. She wasn’t spoilt or used to the simple things in life that other kids take for granted.

Our kids have everything of the best. And when they’re tired of one thing, they receive the next and sooner than it was received, they’re tired of it.

Its so hard to keep them pleased and satisfied.. Its sad!

They enjoyed having her around and finally could appreciate having a child who they could call their own.

Although sabreen wasn’t their own from birth. She has become so much a part of their lives, they cannot imagine life without her anymore.

It took ages for sam to sign the papers. He ducked and dived every time the lawyers were looking for him to sign, but eventually he had agreed and got it over and done with. Ofcourse there was a large sum of money offered to sam. Otherwise they’d still be trying to get him to get over with all the paper work.

Now that they think of it, it was all worth it.

Sabreen, unlike many other kids out there, was fortunate enough to get a second chance in life. She was given a better life with hilda and mike.

How many kids out there are being abused and ill-treated and left to suffer such a life. No-one to help and they too only dream of being happy and free one day. But that’s all that it is.. Just a dream. And their life.. Its just a nightmare.

They took her regularly for therapy. At first it was tough. Sabreen couldn’t and wouldn’t open up to just anyone. But after much time, love, understanding and compassion and patience, sabreen was on her way to some sort of peace.

She’d made a little bit of peace with her past. She was still reserved around other people, but was very comfortable around hilda and mike.

As part of the papers sent through for sam to sign was a restraining order against both sam and beth. They were not allowed in close proximity to sabreen under any circumstances. It was a little harsh, but it was only for sabreens own security. Not that either of them made a fuss… They radily agreed…

She had nightmares for months after they left from hildas house angrily that day.

She would wake up screaming, sweat dripping down her and very high fever. There were times when it got so severe that they had to give her a sedative to calm her down so she and they could have a peaceful sleep.

Now things are much more settled. Sabreen hasn’t had a nightmare in just over a year.

She visits alice and tony every now and then and they visit her too as often as possible.

Hilda and mike had gotten a private tutor to come home daily and teach sabrEen whatever she needs to know. And she’s been progressing well. Sabreen is actually quite bright and picked up a lot.

They couldn’t send her to a school. She would be way behind kids her age and the other kids would obviously mock and laugh at her and sabreens been through enough already to still go through any more torment.

“I’m so glad that you like it breeni… We were worried actually..” Mike explained.

“Like it? I love it…. Ever since I seen those pictures on the television… I’ve been dying to sit in one of those.” Sabreen exclaimed.

She was jumping for joy like a little kid who was given something they’ve been nagging for for ages.

“So?? When do we leave?” Sabreen asked gleefully.

Hilda giggled at sabreens excitement. “Soon sweety.. Soon.”

“Nothings finalised as yet…” Mike said. “Its just a thought.. Just something we would like to do.. But nothing can stop us… We just wanted to know if you’re happy with the idea.. And seeing that you are… I’ll start working on those plans first thing tomorrow morning”

That night, after jumping out of the shower and wearing a clean set of pj’s, sabreen climbed into bed and fell asleep dreaming of herself flying high in the sky like a bird, with wings, above the clouds…. Free!

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4 thoughts on “part 102: (sabreen)”

  1. Now this is how a child is supposed to behave !! Smiling , excited n bubbly …. I hope things just get better n better for her….. She deserves this.

    So true abt kids nowadays not appreciating the little things in life – n never satisfied , always wanting more!!

    Those who r deprived appreciate small things which we take for granted !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true.. We’re all too spoilt. We have the best of everything and that’s why we don’t appreciate anything. May Allah grant me first the ability to be grateful for every little thing He bestows upon us..ameen!


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