part 106: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Allah Says:
Oh Nabi (SAW) give good news to the humble,
whose hearts tremble with awe at the mention of Allah,
who endure adversity with patience.

Hanzalah was going through a great adversity. his father thought that it was best for him to leave the muslim school and attend this all boys school. In a way, the education and discipline taught was far better. But all in all, the torture hanzalah had to face in his final year of school was pretty much the same but he didn’t dare mention this to his father.

Following the sunnah way was, to hanzalah, the only way. No matter who laughed at him or mocked, this was his way and no-one could change him.

He felt a sense of pride, in a good way, having his trousers above his ankles, his topi always placed neatly on his head covering his front hair and his miswaak between his sparkling white teeth most of the time.

He remembered hearing that there was great reward for one who bore his diFficulties with patience and its something his beloved late mum always made sure was embedded in his heart.

He loved his aunt a lot and knew that she tried hard to make everyone comfortable in the house but the emptiness that he still felt in the house was one that no-one would ever understand.

Hanzalah missed his mother immensely. It was her radiant and beautiful face that he searched for the minute his eyes opened every morning. It was the only face that he looked for the minute he entered the house from somewhere and it was this very face that he sought just before retiring to bed every night.

His mother was not just his mother. She was his teacher, his friend, his nurse… She was his everything and as strong as he appeared to be around everyone, he was in a lot of pain many a times and no-one was even aware.

Everyone said that it will get easier as the days go by. But to hanzalah it seemed to get worse. No-one can or will ever be able to take his mothers place. Losing a mother is far greater than losing anything else in life.

Everyday he has this wish that he’ll oneday open his eyes to find her right beside his bed gently waking him up for the day ahead. But his dreams are shattered the minute he opens his eyes and realises that this is reality. She’s gone and will never return.

But hanzalah often finds consolation in the fact that someday he will be with her. That someday he will meet his mother in a better place. But for now, he will follow every advice she had ever given him in his life thus far.

Hanzalah walked out of the school gate and was about to walk across the street to fetch his little sister when a car pulled up infront of him. He recognised one of the boys inside the car as one of his class-mates but wasn’t sure about his name.

The boy rolled down his window and handed hanzalah a black plastic bag…
“Here you go… This is for you” the boy said with what seemed to hanzalah like a genuine smile.

Hanzalah smiled back before reluctantly placing his hand on the bag. He paused and then looked questioningly at the boy..

“Its for you.. Just some old school pants of mine… They’re still okay, just a little small for me now. I notice that you’re probably not too… You know… well off and stuff, this might help you abit.” The boy answered hanzalahs questioning look.

Hanzalah felt his face flush with embarrassment as he pulled his hand away from the bag.
“And what makes you think that?” Hanzalah asked politely, trying not to be rude and offend the boy.

The boy looked down at hanzalahs feet… “Your trousers…. They’re always short… You should feel embarrassed walking around like that”


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5 thoughts on “part 106: (hanzalah)”

  1. Oh shame poor hanzalah. Hope he finishes school and helps his dad in the shop.Allah will definitely reward him for keeping firm on the rope of deen

    Jazakallah khair :)<3

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh shame poor hanzalah. Hope he finishes school and helps his dad in the shop.Allah will definitely reward him for keeping firm on the rope of deen

    Jazakallah khair 🙂


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