part 107: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Those who are kind&considerate to Allahs creation, Allah bestows His kindness&affection on them, Show kindness so that Allah may be kind to you.

The kindness that Hilda and Mike showed to sabreen in these few months would never go unnoticed by Allah. Even though they were not muslim, their reward would be granted to them in this world. That is how Just Our Allah is.

As muslims, we sin every day of our lives. With the same ears that Allah has blessed us with, we listen to haraam. With the same eyes that Allah has bestowed upon us, we look at haraam for majority of the day. With the same mouth that Allah has granted us, we sin, swear, curse… Yet Allah in His infinite mercy…. The minute any of His creation does a simple good act, He rewards us for it, whether it be in this world, or the hereafter, but no good deed goes to waste.

Hilda and mike found that their lives in these past few months have been nothing but joy. They felt like a family. A complete family.

Hilda looked forward to waking up everyday and spending time with sabreen. She even left work and started working full time from home just so she could spend more time with sabreen. So she could offer her the love and attention she lacked throughout her life.

They were so proud of sabreens progress. She was learning so fast and was utterly enjoying everything she learnt. She couldn’t wait for supper time to relate to mike and hilda all that she had picked up for the day.

She was so content where she was.

She occasionally thought about beth and sam.. But everytime she did, she would feel sick and scared and her chest would tighten. So eventually she tried to block out any thoughts of them.

This weekend however, she was spending with alice and tony. Well basically with alice but at tonys apartment.

Tony was going a little off track again lately. He spent less time at the apartment and more of his time partying.

Alice tried to talk some sense into him but the last time she did, they had a huge bust up. So from that day onwards she decided to step back and leave him to roll in his own mess. All she could do was hope and pray that he’ll see some sense for himself.

Alice on the other hand was studying hard and busied herself in assessments after assessments.

She enjoyed burying herself in her books because in that way she didn’t have to socialise much. Alice hated socialising. She hated being around other people since she started campus. She found that everyone she met and got to know just didn’t have any purpose or goal in life. It was like everyone lived to just party and have fun. And she couldn’t deal with that.

She wanted to be someone. She wanted to succeed. She was the only one left in her family who could make some kind of a difference.

Her parents were a total waste of life. They were failures in every possible way. Tony was heading that way slowly too and poor sabreen was deprived of any good opportunity unfortunately.

So it was up to alice to work hard and prove to the world that even after being brought up in such a messed up home, if we really work hard, we can still find success.

She wasn’t a complete snob. She was friendly to everyone but knew where to draw the line.

Alice began to work part time at a local fast food outlet as a waitreSs aswel so she could have a little bit of money for herself.

Things were tough living under the same roof as tony and if she worked hard enough and saved, she could oneday move out into her own space…

Strange enough, today out of all days, when she was exhausted and just about to hit the sack, there was a knock at the door… Alice wondered who in the world would possibly come to their apartment and more so at this specific time…

Authors note:
Any thoughts on who might be at the door? I’d love to know what you all think.. So please comment.. I think I deserve some extra comments for posting 2 days in a row after so long…lol….
Bibi ayesha

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19 thoughts on “part 107: (sabreen)”

  1. Wow !!!!! 2 days in a row ????
    ” EID CAME AGEN ” lol

    ما شاء الله ……. Hopefully u’l surprise us like this more often !!!

    Hmmm ….. Now who could this mysterious visitor be !! I just hope its not Sam !!!

    I’m soo happy to hear that Sabreen is doin well n that Hilda n Mike r enjoying her also !! All 3 needed this n deserve it too …

    Liked by 1 person

  2. U have been awarded the ” 2 day in a row ” posting award !!!!


    For u to keep up that honour – u will hav2 continue posting 2days in a row every 2 day !!!!!

    Will make dua that u r able to !!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. الْحَمْـّدُاللَّه. Its so gud 2 kno dat Sabreen is now leadin a stable lyf. Hp she never has 2 cum °̩и contact wid her parents again! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. hoping against my gut feeling that its not the parents….wow! 2 days in a row…why not mk it 3,,,its a lucky sunnat nmbr after


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