part 109: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“NICK!!!!” Tasha screamed from her room where she was frantically looking for the envelope of money that she intended paying a debt she owed to one of the chain stores.

Nick ignored her. He was getting really annoyed with tashas screaming lately. He wished that he could just run away somewhere and never come back.

“Nick!” Tasha shouted as she flung his room door open.

Nick continued typing away on his laptop. He was busy updating his facebook profile.. He enjoyed letting the world in on everything that happened in his life. He felt a certain bit of elation everytime someone liked his page.

“Nicholas dammit!” Tasha continued. Her face full of rage. “Another lot of money has gone missing from my wardrobe. And this time it was A LOT of money.”

“Hmm, sorry to hear mum.. ” Nick muttered, still not giving her any attention.

“Sorry mum? Sorry mum! Is that all you’re going to say?” Tasha shouted in frustration.

She came forward and pulled the laptop off his lap.

“What the hell??? I was busy with something important!” Nick screamed at his mother.

“Well so am I. I’m talking to you and you’re ignoring me.” Tashas voice was angry.

“I said sorry.. What do you want me to do if you’re careless and keep leaving money lying around?” Nick shot back.

“It was not lying around young man!” She said through gritted teeth. It was hidden far away in my wardrobe. And now its missing!” She folded her arms waiting for nicks response.

She didn’t have to wait for even a minute longer. “So what am I supposed to do about that?”

“Nick.. I know you’ve taken it. This is not the first time and I’m getting just about fed up with this.”

Nick jumped up angrily… “Excuse me? Now you’re calling me a thief? Why don’t you ask your stupid maid? Maybe she stole it! But no, you’ll rather blame it on your good for nothing son right? Cos that’s just what you do. Everything that goes wrong around here is my fault… Well you know what? I’m sick of it. I’m sick of you. I’m sick of your screaming, I’m sick of your nagging and I’m sick of living here. I feel like I’m in prison. You’re always checking up on me. I’m damn old enough to do as I please…..”

Tasha felt guilty once again. Nick always tried to reverse things when he was wrong and instead of taking the blame, he made tasha feel like she was wrong.

She came forward to touch his arm and tell him that she was sorry and she over reacted again but he pulled his hand away from her…
“Just get out of my room and leave me alone!”

And when she didn’t move, he screamed louder… “GET. OUT!!!”

Tasha felt terrible. She sobbed all the way to her room where she threw herself on the bed and cried into her pillow for a good few hours until the evening.

This was now a routine. She felt this way everytime. Nick and her just didn’t get along anymore. They never spent any time together and when they were in the same room by chance, they would be fighting.

Tom couldn’t handle the tension in the house. He couldn’t handle tashas constant crying. He tried whatever he could to be there for her and console her, but nothing seemed to work.

Tasha always took out her frustration on him.

So now he preferred spending extra time at work or away on business. Or visiting family.

The loneliness was catching up to tasha. She felt like she lost her son to the evil world and now she was losing her loving and caring husband too.

she needed to make amends. She needed tom. She couldn’t imagine going through all of this without tom. She would’ve been in a mental hospital by now with all this stress.

But once again tom beat her to it. Which made her feel even worse. No matter how she treated him, he always took the first step in making her happy and today was no different…

“Love… I think we need some time out….” Tom suggested as he hugged her. “I’ve booked a weekend away just for the 2 of us. I’ve got a business meeting in cape town this weekend and its only for an hour on saturday. The rest of the weekend I’m free, why don’t we just make a weekend out of it. Just the 2 of us. Like a little extra honeymoon.. What do you say?” Tom winked and her heart melted.

But then her smile vanished just so quickly.

“What’s wrong babe? Don’t you wana go?” Tom asked.

“Ofcourse I do… But…” Tasha replied

“But what?” Tom asked, ready to give her a solution to any problem she puts forward.

“Nick. We can’t leave him alone. ” Tasha sighed.

“Why not? Nick is old enough and I think this will do him some good. We all need a little bit of space and by you leaving him for the weekend, who knows?, maybe he’ll learn a little bit of responsibility. And he’ll appreciate you more after the weekend.” Tom reasoned with her.

Tashas smiled appeared once again.
“So? What times the flight?”

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