part 110: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Well I’m just telling you to get everything sorted out. Don’t worry about what it will cost, just give me amounts and I’ll sort it out… I want this to be one party that everyones going to be talking about” nick ordered kelly as they stood outside the school gates discussing the weekend.

Tasha and tom finalised everything and would be leaving on friday, straight after work for cape town and would only return in the early part of monday morning.

Nick pretended to not care, but inside, he couldn’t wait to explode. He’s been waiting for this opportunity to have the house all to himself for ages. He really wanted to have one of those major saturday night bashes at his place. Those that begin early on saturday afternoon and carry on right through till sunday morning. Drinks, drugs and all.

And with the envelope of money he managed to take from tashas wardrobe, aswel as a couple of extra notes he found in toms underware draw and some cash he found in the domestic workers handbag yesterday, he could really make this party happen.

“We can make it like a free entrance as long as you bring a drink and a friend. In that way, more people and more good stuff!” He beamed at the thought of how he was going to plan this party.

Kelly was mostly used for nicks dirty work. He would ignore her when he didn’t need her and had other girls running at his feet and when he needed her, all he had to do was use a little bit of his charm and a tiny gift and she would do the world for him.

Basically, kelly feared being rejected by nick so he didn’t even have to make much of an effort and she would give in.

“What if your parents find out?” Kelly asked out of genuine concern.

Nick laughed and shook his head at her stupidity.. “And how in the world is that gona happen?”

Kelly shrugged… “I don’t know… I’m just worried about you nick”

“Get over yourself girl… Besides, what’s the worst they can do even if they do find out?” Nick replied just before the school buzzer sounded, signalling that everyone needed to head to their respective classrooms.

Kelly and nick parted ways towards their schools.

Nick couldn’t concentrate on anything at school the entire day, besides the party and what needed to be done.

He fantasised about coming back to school the monday after and everyone talking about what an awesome party nick managed to throw and how much of fun they all had.

Nick pictured all the girls running behind him.

“Mr Nicholas abed!”

He was brought out of his daydream by the annoying voice of his english teacher.

“Huh?…” He sat up straight and cleared his throat.. “Uhm… Yes ma’am?”

“It would help to pass the year if you paid more attention in class and stopped dreaming all the time mr.!” She snapped before turning back to the chalk board and continued with the lesson.

Nick growled a little too loudly which caused her to turn around and glare at him.

But lucky for him, the period was over and it was finally recess.

Today, after a very long time, nick even forgot about hanzalah because he was too excited and too busy inviting everyone to his house on saturday.

Not that it bothered hanzalah at all. Hanzalah was too busy concentrating on his studies in the library.

While everyone was fretting over which college they were accepted in and what they would study, hanzalah already had his mind set on what would take him to ultimate success.. But he never gave up working hard in school. He did his best in everything and was one of the few who had their heads screwed on properly.

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5 thoughts on “part 110: (nicholas)”

  1. Oooh no !! Nick is causing it for himself – big time !!

    I sense some really interesting drama going to unfold during this weekend !! N I just hope that Nick learns some lesson n changes his ways !!
    Stealing money from any1 n every1 to fulfill his addiction !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


  2. oooh drama coming up for sure! maybe tasha would get back early….or cops would arrest him and his crew for underage drinking


  3. Αи∂ Nick goes deeper & deeper in2 his mess!!! >:O Waitin 2 see hw he’s goin 2 control da wild party dat he’s throwing 4 – 1 & ӑℓℓ. I sense beeeg truble at da party. Waitin 4 da drama 2 unfold ℓ☺ℓ!;)


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