part 111: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Tasha and tom arrived in the beautiful city of cape town. The weather was lovely and the atmosphere was so peaceful.

Everyone around was so cheerful and carefree and it was contagious because that’s exactly how tasha and tom began feeling too.

They jumped into their hired car and proceeded to the 5 star hotel that tom had booked for them. By the time they’d checked in and settled down,they were exhausted. It was a long day at work for both of them and then a rush to the airport.

They decided to call it an early night and ordered room service for dinner instead of going out.

While waiting for their food to come from the kitchen downstairs, tasha decided to call nick and make sure that he was okay.

“What?!” Nick answered after the 5th ring.

“Hey nicko… Just checking if you’re okay…” Tasha said sweetly.

“I’m fine!” Nick snapped at his mother rudely.

“Okay then…” Tasha felt a little hurt. “There’s err.. Some food for you in the fridge. Some pasta and abit of lamb too… But if you don’t want any of that, you can just order some take outs okay?”

“Yeah… Whatever!” nick tried to rush her so he could put the phone down.

“I’ll transfer some money for you into your account, just incase you need anything and run out of cash.” Tasha said before putting the phone down.

Now that’s what nick wanted. Any bit of extra cash would defiitely help with his plans.

Nick dialled kellys number… “Where are you? What time can I pick you up?”

There was abit of silence on kellys side..

“Kelly? Hello? Are you there?” Nick asked impatiently.

“Yeah, nick… I.. Err.. I’m not going to be able to come out tonight. I really wana be there tomorrow and my parents aren’t gona let me out 2 nights in a row…..” Kelly sounded sad.

“Oh well thanks a lot! Just when I needed you… How typical of you..” Nick was on a roll hurting everyones feelings.

“I promise to be there early in the morning though.. As early as I can…” Kelly was sincere.

Nick cut her off rudely.. “You know what? Don’t bother.. if you can’t make it tonight, I’ll get someone else to help me…” And he cut the call.

Nick knew how to get his way around. He had a gift for making people feel guilty. And lately he didn’t care about anyones feelings at all. Everything was just about himself. About what he wanted and what he needed and would make sure that everything always went his way.

He received a message from kelly just 10 minutes later.
“I’m sorry nick.. I’m making a plan.. Just for you, pick me up in 20 minutes k… Love ya!”

Nick smiled to himself, satisfied that once again he managed to get it right.

He searched for tashas spare key where he knew she always kept it.

They figured that nick knows how to drive, but it never occurred to them that he would steal the car. He was still unlicensed.

Honestly, they didn’t know nick at all… And how daring he’d become.

An hour later, kelly and nick parked the car back into the garage and entered the house with 2 boxes of steaming hot pizzas.

The rest of the night was spent in planning and no sleep at all. They both kept popping pills to keep themselves awake. Kelly wasn’t as bad an addict as nick was, but she occasionally took it when she needed the extra burst of energy. And tonight was certainly one of those days.

The next afternoon, nick and kelly both made sure that everything was set out the way they’d planned.

By 3 in the afternoon, the house was slowly starting to fill up. And as planned, everyone brought a drink and a friend. So by 7, the party was in full swing.

Everyone was having a blast of a time and nick couldn’t care less about kelly. He had tons of other ‘hotter’ girls practically licking the floor behind him.

He was away in his room with yet another girl later that night when someone knocked on his room door.

He didn’t hear the first knock because of the music that was blasting everywhere else in the house.

And he purposely ignored the second knock which was a little louder.

“Nick!” Kellys voice could be heard from outside.

Again nick ignored her. He was having too much of a good time to spoil it with kellys nags.

Kelly barged into the room… “Nick!!!” She shouted desperately.

“What the hell? Can i not have some privacy In my own house?” Nick was noticeably angry.

“Nick… Listen…” Kelly said, her voice etched with fear.

“Listen to what?” Nick shouted.

And that’s when they heard it. The sirens… And it was getting closer.


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