part 113: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Hanzalah joked with naeema as they sat on the floor mat that they kept for eating. They were enjoying some light sandwiches for supper on friday night.
“You know khalla… I was just thinking about you yesterday when I was reading a hadith about hazrat ayesha(may Allah be pleased with her).”

Naeema smiled at the mere thought that hanzalah remembered her after reading a hadith. And more so a hadith about one of her favourite companions/wives of the beloved prophet(peace and bleSsings be upon him).

“Hazrat ayesha(may Allah be pleased with her) was so simple…like you…” Hanzalah paused for emphasis on his compliment to her.. “She used to prepare the dough for bread and then fall asleep and while she was asleep, the goat used to come and eat her dough up”

They all laughed remembering naeemas incident of bad luck the other day when attempting to make nihari and naan..

Their house was always so peaceful and pleasant. Even though abdullah was going through so much of financial strain, he left that out of the house. He prayed constantly to Allah to keep him patient and remove his difficulty.

Whoever seeks to be patient, Allah will give him patience, Nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience.

“Hanzalah beta.. After supper, please complete as much of your homework and studying as you can. And then again after esha. I need your help early tomorrow morning please?” Abdullah spoke to his son.

Hanzalah nodded… “What help do you need abba jaan?”

“I’m going to a flea market about an hour away. I’ve got some spares lying around the shop that I’d like to sell out and a few extra things here in the house that we don’t really need. We can leave after fajr inshallah. Its only till 1 o’clock.” Abdullah explained.

“And me too abba.. I want to come with!” Habeeba demanded excitedly.

Abdullah placed his hand affectionately on her head.. “No beti.. You’re going to show khalla how to bake some yummy naan khattaai here at home okay? You know we can’t leave khalla alone to do that so you have to show her okay?”
Abdullah smiled and winked at naeema.

She didn’t feel offended. She knew that abdullah was trying to use some kind of tact to keep habeeba from throwing a fuss about staying home.

She loved abdullah for his sweetness and his ability to try and make everyone happy.

Early after fajr salaah, hanzalah and abdullah sipped a quick cup of tea and were off to another town to try and sell out abdullahs stock.

They recited durood on their way and then istighfaar..

“If anyone continually asks forgiveness, Allah will appoint a way out of every distress, relief from anxiety & will provide from where he never realised.” Abdullah told hanzalah as they recited the words of istighfaar together.

They set out their things and prayed for Allah to grant them blessings in their trade today.

It was terribly windy and the flea market was full of sand. Everyone else came prepared with a gazebo to protect them from the heat of the day, but when abdullah packed the car the night before, he realised that one of the poles of his gazebo was bent and the sail itself was tattered and torn. He had to leave it behind unfortunately.

If only he knew how severe the heat was going to be.

Neither of the 2 complained though. They tried hard to sell out everything but people who came wanted everything for close to nothing. Eventually, abdullah just gave in and sold whatever he could for whatever price he was offered.

By 1pm, they were exhausted, hot and hungry. There was nothing halaal to buy around here and the tuckshop to get a cold drink or water was right on the other end of where they stood so they basically stayed without anything.

But lucky for them, naeema prepared a good meal of mutton curry and rice and it was steaming hot and ready for them when they entered the house.

“We’re just going to wash up and perform our zuhr salaah first” abdullah said as he hugged naeema.

“Abba! Abba! Look, I helped khalla make these… Just taste them.. They sooo tasty” habeeba beamed.

Abdullah bent down and opened his mouth for habeeba to place a piece of naan khattaai in his mouth…
“Hmm… That just melts in my mouth… I told you that you’ll do a good job beti jaan” and he kissed her on her forehead before heading to the bathroom to perform his ablution.

Hanzalah and abdullah performed their salaah in jamaat before joining the 2 special ladies of the house on the floor mat for lunch.

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2 thoughts on “part 113: (hanzalah)”

  1. Abdullah n Hanzalah hav such good characters n they deal with situations so beautifully … It really is a wonderful lesson for us all…..

    I hope that something good comes their way in terms of work n income … They deserve it , they work so hard n r always helping others……..
    N on the other hand , u hav Nick who has all the money , yet he wastes his money n uses in all the wrong places !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً …. For posting so often – we really appreciate it … Hopefully this will continue till the end !!


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