part 120: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Right tash…. We’re not getting anywhere like this. Let’s both try to be civilised and work like adults okay?” Tom instructed in a ‘I mean business’ tone, as he placed the 2 mugs down infront of her.

Tasha blew her nose for the umpteenth time and nodded as she lifted the cup up and burnt her tongue with the steaming hot tea.

“Look, I understand that this is hard on you. But its hard on me too. Nick is part of our family so whatever he does, affects me too. Remember that the whole towns not just talking about ‘your’ son here, they’re talking about me too… And we need to work at the beginning and try to find out where he is and as soon as he’s back here, there needs to be some disciplining and some rules..” Tom was on a mission.

All tasha could do was sniff and nod her head in agreement. She’s never seen this side of tom before. But she knew that this was long time coming. As much as she wouldn’t admit it, nick had really gone too far.

“Nick will have to be taken out of school. The principal is not going to want nick back and its not safe for him anyway. He can do all sorts of things and he’s a terrible influence on other kids. We’re going to have to keep a close eye on his every move and nick needs some desperate help!” Tom continued but had to stop as tashas phone began to ring.

Tashas phone had been ringing non-stop from the morning. Lots of the parents of the other kids at the party were angry and calling to give her a piece of their mind. But honestly, it wasn’t only nicks fault. Yes, nick invited them to the party, but they weren’t forced to attend. It was every parents individual duty to make sure they knew where their kids were and what they were up to.

Tasha didn’t recognise the number and was afraid to answer and get more crapped out for her sons misbehaviour and hers and toms own negligence.

“Ignore it!” Tom suggested.

And so tasha hesitantly ignored it. “But…”

“No buts!” Tom snapped.

Once the phone stopped ringing tasha said “but what if it was nick calling from somewhere? Or what if it was one of the police officers calling about nick?”

“Nick knows where we live.. He got into this mess and he should get straight home. And besides.. Don’t get your hopes up that nick would be calling. You know how hard hearted and stubborn he is. Everytime the 2 of you are at it and he does something wrong, you’re the one who has to suck up to him and now look what that got us into” tom shouted.

Tasha stood up abruptly. “Oh… So all this is MY fault now?” She shouted.

“Tasha! Sit down! Don’t be like your son and run away everytime you’re defeated. Yes this is all your fault. The signs were all there. He was getting from bad to worse and everytime you just ignored it and made excuses for him!” Tom was taking out every bit of his frustration.

“I cannot take all this stress anymore. We only fight and argue. My son is who knows where. The police refuse to do anything and I have tons of angry parents jumping down my throat! I understand that you’re also hurt and upset.. But can you not be a little more supportive instead of constantly fighting, arguing and blaming me?” Tasha let it all out and began to cry expecting toms sympathy.

But instead, her crying only made things worse.
“Oh god!!! There she goes whining and crying again. Was I not supportive enough all this time? I’ve supported you and kept quiet all along because everytime I tried to be ‘ more supportive’ and help you, you always pushed me away saying that nick was ‘YOUR’ son….”

“I did not!” Tasha defended herself.

“Yes you did… And you know what? You’re right.. Nick is your son… He’s not mine… He never will be because you chose to be all loose and forward and have babies all over the show so you don’t even know who nicks father is. But I accepted him as my own despite your stupid mistakes.” Tom blurted out without thinking. His anger was getting the better of him.

And as soon as the words left his mouth, tashas face fell. The hurt was apparent all over her face. She didn’t even bother to reply to tom. What tom said was true, but she never thought this day would ever come where he would throw her past in her face like this.

Tom sat down, immediately regretting what he said… “Babe I’m sor….”

Tasha shook her head… “No! You’re not… Don’t! Just… Don’t!” And with that, she walked away.

Authors note:
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10 thoughts on “part 120: (nicholas)”

  1. Oh oh !!!!!!
    Things r really getting heated up !!!
    All bcos of Nick n his selfish habits , Tom n Tasha r drifting apart …… I just hope that Hanzala n his father can make him see reason n get him to change his ways ..

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Can’t wait for more – from Sabreen n Nick !!


  2. Ӑℓℓ hell has brooken loose! 😉 Tasha is fully 2 be blamed 4 da way Nick has turned out. She must stop been childish by just cryin 4 evrytin & xpectin Tom 2 kp havin pity on her. Tom has always been very supportiv through all of Nicks misbhaviour. I don’t blame him 4 snapping at her as he’s been putting up ώĩ†̥h it 4 too long while she’s done notin abt it which has led 2 nick bcumin out of control. Nick will return home eventually……Let’s see hw dey goin 2 handle da situation. 😉


  3. Great post! It’s about time Tasha knew that what she’s doing is wrong.

    Would you mind doing a shoutout for my website/blog? I’ll send you the info


  4. Dear Author,
    Tony is dying, Nick is missing and Tasha has walked out!!! Your fans are holding onto their breath waiting to know more.. please post soon.. awesome blog ma sha Allah..


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