part 121: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Ma’am, we’re going to give you a few minutes… We’re waiting downstairs in our vehicle. When you’re ready, we can leave for the mortuary.” The police officer said as he and his partner headed towards the front door and closed it behind them.

Alice was sobbing her heart out while sabreen blankly stared at her sister. She was numb. She had been through too much in her life and she was now emotionless. Not that she didn’t feel anything inside. She did. But she just didn’t know how to express her feelings and emotions.

finally she spoke in a monotonous tone.. “Let’s go alice!”

Alice shook her head and continued sobbing.

“Alice! Let’s go!” Sabreen said again. This time there was a stern tone in her voice.

Alice sniffed and wiped away her tears as she looked up at sabreen.

Sabreen looked back at alice but didn’t say anything further. Instead, she turned around and went to the room where she changed out of her pyjamas and into her dirty clothes of the day that just ended.

Soon alice was doing the same. She washed her face and neatened up her pony tail and then together they left the apartment and walked downstairs.

the officers, true to their word, were patiently still waiting downstairs. They straightened themselves and stopped their chatter when they noticed the girls coming their way.

“Ready to go ma’am?” The policeman asked looking at alice.

Alice nodded. “Yes sir! But I’ll go in my own car. We’ll follow you…”

The officer agreed and soon they were on their way to the dreaded mortuary.

The ride was silent and took forever. Or so it seemed. The mortuary wasn’t too far from them, but just the thought that they were on their way to identify their dead brothers body made the ride far longer than it actually was.

Neither sabreen nor alice had to say a word. They both had the same thoughts running through their mind.

The mortuary was dead (pun intended)…eerie and very cold. The girls pulled their jackets tighter as they walked through the corridors.

Finally they stopped at a door and the officer asked them to wait outside and They obliged. A few minutes later they were ushered into the same room where dozens of dead bodies lay frozen in different closed steel shelves.

One by one the man in charge opened the shelves to look for the correct body. And every time, alice shivered.

They were almost at the last shelf when alice couldn’t take it anymore…
“I can’t! I can’t do this!” She shouted And ran out the door and down the corridor, back to the car.

Sabreen had no other option but to run behind her sister. She found alice sitting behind the steering wheel, Shaking uncontrollably.

“I can’t do this breeni. I can’t. Not tonight. Maybe we need to go home and we can come back tomorrow with aunt hilda and uncle mike. I’m not strong enough for this” alice confessed.

Sabreen got into the car on the passengers side and when alice felt a little composed, they returned home.

“I’ll call aunt hilda as soon as we get upstairs. I know its late. But we need her right now” alice said and sabreen just looked blankly at her.

the 2 of them dragged their feet up the stairs. Alice was about to put the key in the door when she realised that the door was already open.

“I’m certain that I locked this door” alice said in fear.

“You did! I remember that you did.” Sabreen said holding on to alices arm, she too was afraid. Her body was going limp.

Alice pushed the door open and when they found a figure standing right infront of them, they both began to scream……..

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13 thoughts on “part 121: (sabreen)”

  1. Its TONY !!! He’s alive !!! And mayb some1 else died !! … Just hoping so for the girls sake !!

    It mustb a scary sight – to see so many dead bodies … May اللَّهُ save us from being in that kind of situation !! آمين

    Now … Mrs S … Or actually Mrs B.A …. We CAN NOT wait too long for the next post !!
    I’ll probably hav2 comment afew times to mayb get u to post soon soooooon !!lol

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


  2. Salaam oh my gosh.. i hope its not sam.. maybe its Tony.. keep up the good work and plz dont keep us all in suspense.. i luuuurvvveee reading your blog.. its getting more intresting day by day.. cant wait for the next post..


  3. السلام عليكم
    Hope u well !!! N ready to post soon !!!
    The last post was emailed @ 4-13 yesterday afternoon !!!!!!!! So إن شاء ألله by 4-13 this afternoon our next post will b emailed !! Yay !!! *wide grin*

    Well !!!!!!!! U just HAV2 post Sabreens next part … We need to know what’s happening ..


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