part 123: (hanzalah+nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

All the way home, neither hanzalah, nor abdullah questioned nick about anything. It wasn’t their business and if nick wanted them to know, he would tell them when he was ready. All they wanted, was to be there for him wherever they could, because that’s just the type of people they were.

Abdullah and hanzalah were so warm and friendly and all nick thought about was how awesome it would be if he had a father like hanzalah did.

‘Hanzalah had the perfect life. He had everything and was so happy’ nick thought to himself.

Nick too could have a good relationship with tom, but the thought of him not being his real father always crossed his mind and stopped him from getting too close.

Even though tom tried many times to build their relationship, lately he’s just pulled away and been so distant. Could it be nicks fault that tom had changed the way he was towards nick?

But tom took his mother away from him.ever since tasha married tom, she paid even less attention to nicks nEeds and wants. Not that she really cared before. But now she cared even less. Or maybe that’s just what nick thought.

Maybe no-one else really changed. Maybe it was just nick who changed and nicks ideas that have changed and the way that he seen things that changed.

Nick wondered how hanzalah lived. He probably lived in a comfortable home with everything that he ever wanted. Why else would hanzalah always be smiling?

But as they drove in to hanzalahs driveway, nick was stunned. Hanzalahs house was ordinary. Nothing so grand. Just a simple one story face brick home which looked pretty much the same as every other house on that street.

“Give me 2 minutes beta.. Let me just warn khalla that we have a guest over before you 2 come in” abdullah said as he jumped off the car.

“I hope I’m not causing any inconvenience so early in the morning…” Nick croaked. His throat was dry and his exhaustion was apparent in his slur.

Hanzalah turned his body right around to face nick and smiled warmly. “No way! We love having guests over. Guests bring blessings to our home. You’re actually doing us a favour rather than the other way around. My abba just wants to inform my khalla because you see, the ladies In our religion shouldn’t be around where there’s strange men.”

“Abba?that’s your dad right?” Nick asked.

Hanzalah nodded.

“And colour? What’s that? Is that what you call your mum?” Nick was curious. He found these terms strange.

Hanzalah giggled. “Not colour.. Khalla…. no, that’s what we call our mothers sisters.”

Nick frowned. Even more confused.

“I don’t have a mum… My mum passed away last year and then my dad married my mums sister. ” Hanzalah explained nonchalantly.

Nicks eyes shot up in surprise. “Whoa!!! That’s some hectic stuff.. So your step mother is your mums sister? That must be hard to have accepted…!”

“No, not really. I’m actually glad that my abba married her.” Hanzalah replied.

“You are?” Nick asked surprised again.

Hanzalah nodded. “Rather her than some strange woman that we would have to get used to from the beginning. And it was hard for my dad and us, my sister and I. My mother really spoilt us and did a lot for us and when she passed on, we needed that motherly figure to be there for us and my khalla Is a really wonderful person. My abba needs a companion too”

Nick thought back to tom and a lump formed in his throat. No doubt tom was also a wonderful person to both him and tasha.

Hanzalah was so selfless, thinking of how hard it was for his father. And whole heartedly accepted that his father remarried so soon, and that even, to his aunt. And here nick was hating tom for coming in the way of his and his mothers relationship when all tom ever did was care for them.

“Come on!” Hanzalah snapped him out of his thoughts. “I’m sure you’re starving. Let’s go have some breakfast.”

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5 thoughts on “part 123: (hanzalah+nicholas)”

  1. @least Nick is doin some introspection here … He needs to see how other ppl live and interact with their family members. — n then mayb he’l b appreciative of all that he has , n also of what Tom n Tasha do for him !!!

    Part 123 !!! This calls for a celebration !!! Like mayb 5 posts 2day !!!
    Hahahahahahaha …..

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wait.. I’m trying to make sense of this.. Part 123… How do you skip to 5 posts?if you told me 4 posts, maybe I wouldve considered.. But the fact that you don’t know how to count scared me abit.. Cos as far as I know its 1234 and not 1235…:p


  2. Nicks introspecting huh … It also seems lyk da start of a better relationship bet Nick & Hazalah 🙂
    5 posts now sis °̩и Islam?????? I think Ʋ pushin it 2 far. Da days of 5 posts a Đά̲ƴ r gone 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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