part 127: (hanzalah+nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Nick was over exhausted and had a headache from hell. He lay awake pondering about hanzalahs wise words. The kid was so young yet so wise.

nick tried hard to sleep. But I guess it sometimes occurs that when you’re over tired, its harder to fall asleep.

Hanzalah had insisted that nick have his room all to himself. There was an extra room and he would give nick some space.

Nick wondered if tasha and tom were looking for him. He knew that at some point he would have to go back home. But he wasn’t ready just yet.

He felt a certain sense of calmness here at the gujiwalas residence. They were such warm and good hearted people.

And he feared what would happen if he went back. Would he be taken to jail for being underage with so much of alcohol and drugs?

Can kids his age even go to jail?

He knew that this was the end of his education. The school had given him far too many chances. They were definitely not going to give him any more.

He was feeling terribly edgy without his stash and even more so without his phone.

He felt feverish and sweaty. Nervous and drained.

This was the longest he’s been without it in a long time.

Withdrawal symptoms.

Nicks eyes fluttered open to the soothing sound of some muffled words just outside the room. He must have just dozed off when the sound went on. Well that’s how he felt. Like he only slept for 5 minutes.

He couldn’t get his body up. He was beyond exhausted.

Nick was about to close his eyes again when he heard the door slowly squeaking open. Hanzalah had come to check on nick.

“Heyyy!” Nick slurred, half asleep..

“Oh I’m so sorry for waking you up…” Hanzalah said in a panic.

“Its cool bro…I was up already… You didn’t wake me.” Came nicks reply.

Hanzalah calmed down and walked towards the bed and sat down on it. “What’s up? The bed not comfy enough?”

“no no… It is.. Very comfortable…”

“So then? Talk to me… What’s on your mind?”

Nick shrugged but remained silent in deep thought.

“I won’t push you to talk.. You know that.. But when and if you’re ready.. My ears are open k”

Nick forced a grateful smile.

“I’m just going to pray.. I’ll be back in a few minutes”

“Aren’t you going to church to pray?”

“Not today… My dads gone… And you’re here.. So I’ll just pray at home today.”

Hanzalah didn’t want nick to feel bad so he didn’t go into detail about how it wouldn’t be appropriate to leave a strange boy alone in the house with his young sister and step mother. But he was very concerned about what to do about school. Nick wasn’t going anywhere and hanzalah had never missed a day of school thus far. He’s very punctual usually. So he had no idea what they were going to do with nick for the rest of the day. But he kept his concerns to himself until he figured something out

“Ok nicholas…. Please make yourself at home. The fridge is stocked up and well basically…..just make yourself at home okay?”

“Thanks bro… I really owe you…by the way, if anyone asks you…”

“No-ones going to ask me. Trust me!”

Hanzalah was right. Why would anyone ask him about nicks where abouts. He would be the last person anyone who ask.

Nick watched hanzalah and his family leave the house and close the door behind them and then he heard their car reverse out of the driveway.

He took one look around the house and sighed deeply.
“I guess I’m going to have to find something to do for the next couple of hours or else I’ll be bored out of my socks..”

“Look at yourself nick! You’re talking to yourself…”

Nick shook his head and walked around the house aimlessly.

“Where do these people keep their TV?” He mumbled to himself again.

After a few dragged minutes, nick decided to go back to hanzalahs room and try to get some sleep. There was absolutely nothing to do and he was quite exhausted and edgy.

The house was so quiet that he could hear the clock ticking somewhere in the house. It took nick another hour before he decided…
“Maybe I should call my mother….”

Pathetic Authors note:
I am truly Verrrrrrry sorry for my absolutely pathetic delay in posting. I would be just as mad as you are had I been a reader of this blog.
But please do understand that life at the moment is terribly crazy.

I cannot promise when the next post will be. But I can promise that the blog hasn’t cum to an end.

I will try to post as soon as I can.. So please bare with me.

I will also try to rather complete the story quickly so that I don’t have to put you guys through so much of a torment.

Pls accept my apology…

And jx for being so patient.

Bibi ayesha

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5 thoughts on “part 127: (hanzalah+nicholas)”

  1. A post !!!!! WOW !! ….. I actually tawt I was dreaming …….. Lol

    Its ok Mrs B A ….. We understand u hav a very hectic life n we r grateful for all that u do …… … Sooo … Apology accepted !! Hehehehe

    Hanzala n his family r really such wonderful ppl … So accomodating n helpful -n hopefully Nick realises the sacrifices they r making for him …
    Finally a good decision coming from Nick -i hope he calls his mother n doesn’t chicken out ..

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


  2. yay!! jzk for taking time out of your busy schedule to post for us impatient readers, lol. I love the way the story is turning out 🙂


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