part 128: (hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Hanzalah entered the school gates and found a strange buzz around today. Everyone seemed really chirpy and excited for a monday morning. It definitely wasn’t a blue monday for everyone else besides hanzalah.

Hanzalah was exhausted. He didn’t get to have that lovely sleep after fajar salaah on sunday morning because of nick. But its okay.. He’ll cope.

As usual hanzalah looked down as he walked through the bustling corridors of the school.

He heard a few disturbing snippets here and there on his way.


“Wonder if he’ll come to school today.”

“Definitely going to get into big s*** ”

“That’s if they haven’t already found him and locked him up”

Hanzalah didn’t mean to eavesdrop but their gossip was pretty loud not to overhear.

This made hanzalah wonder even more about nick. Was everyone talking about him?

What had he actually done that bad to get everyone talking like this?

Why would they want to lock him up?

Now he began worrying a little. Did he do the right thing by keeping nick? What if nick did something really bad and now he and his family would be held responsible for keeping him in their home.

As he got into his classroom and sat down on his chair, he decided to take a deep breath and make a little bit of thikr (thinking of Allah)…

“Astaghfirullah astaghfirullah.. Astaghfirullah.. Astaghfirullah….” He chanted inaudibly.

This seemed to have done the job. It relaxed him a little.

Once the siren rang, indicating that everyone needed to head to their respective classrooms, he pulled out his literature books and started browsing through the pages.

The classroom started filling up and a few minutes later, the teacher entered.

“Good morning class. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend ‘SaFE’ in your homes”

Hanzalah caught on the sarcasm in mr abrahams voice. And everyone cleared their throats and shifted in their seats whispering to eachother…

“Right!! Order please!!.. More of that later in assembly with the principal. For now, open up to page one hundred and thirty two.”

Everyone began turning pages whilst hanzalah seemed to be the only confused one in class. He had no cellphone and had no interest in social media whatsoever so he’s feeling left out was quite understandable.

Usually it doesn’t bother hanzalah in the least, but today he was curious. Infact, he was very curious, because he felt part of it in a way.

He couldn’t even concentrate on anything in class for the first time ever and kept glancing at the clock since mr abrahams had said that there would be an urgent assembly just after the first subject.

The minute the buzzer sounded, everyone was eagerly out of their seats and heading toward the assembly area.

‘That’s strange’ hanzalah thought to himself. Every other day, everyone dreads assembly.

‘Guess its time to find out what all the excitement was about today and whether nicholas had anything to do with all this or not’ hanzalah thought pulling his books in his hand and heading in the direction of the courtyard himself.

He stood quietly one side and waited for the principal to appear. But when he finally did, the look of anger on his face today just made everyone dead still and quiet instantly.

“I’m sure all of you are well aware of why this assembly has so urgently been called. Whoever of you have been involved in this weekends nonsense need to own up as soon as possible. There’s no hiding because nothing ever remains a secret and the truth will come out. And if you did not confess and are caught afterwards, you will be expelled from this school. That goes for anyone who knows of the whereabouts of mr.nicholas abed aswel.”

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15 thoughts on “part 128: (hanzalah)”

  1. JazaakAllah for the long awaited post
    Hope Hanzalah doesn’t get into trouble for taking Nick home
    Can’t wait for the next post
    Sister I think this calls for a 5 post in a day because of all the days you were AWOL (wink)


  2. hoping for a new post soon. really look forward 2 read the story.. please let me know if there r other blogs i can read. jazakillah khayr


  3. Ooh no ….. Poor Hanzalah !! What will he do now !!! He’s innocent , but he’l be pulled into all the drama , just bcos he was helpfull – I just hope he gets out of this easily ……. And being truthful defntly will help !!
    Suspense …

    I second that sister “A” – 5 posts plz Sister BA !!!

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا 


  4. Sister BA …… I’m gonna come ALL the way to ur house n kidnap u …….. So …. U better post ASAP !!! Lol

    Plz post SOONER than soon !!!


  5. Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah
    I hope and pray that this reaches you in good health.
    I am really enjoying your blog.
    Very interesting and motivating…
    Just my thought
    I felt that our Muslim schools were put down quite a bit and I don’t think it is correct to do so…
    I personally attended an Islamic school and it is not the way people make it sound.. Yes there are a few people who might be like that but it is a very minority…In our Muslim schools the teachers are going soo much out of there way, just so that we can get the bit of Islamic knowledge… but hey … each to his own opinion….
    other than that I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog and have not made mistakes by choosing this blog…..
    please forgive me for my short comings
    jazakallah khair
    sister In islaam


  6. ALMOST 2 WEEKS …………..and no post wats happening to dis blog. For waiting soooooo long. We are in ned of 5 post n moreee………….


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