humble apologies…

Assalamu alaykum everyone…

I would like to apologise for being such a terrible blogger lately…

Those who know me will be able to be a witness to how crazy my lifes been lately that I barely get time to eat or even sit anymore.

So please do bare with me, I will try my best to update soon.

this blog has not yet ended and I don’t intend to just quit in the middle of it. I would like to end it off nicely and I will notify you all when its coming to an end.

I know how annoying it can get when a blogger goes totally awol but I do have very valid personal excuses which I obviously cannot mention on the blog.

So once again, I ask of you to be a little more patient than you’ve already been and remember me in ur duas…

Keep your comments coming because It makes me realise that you guys are still around and haven’t deserted me yet…

Thanks to all for the support and commitment.I truly appreciate all the comments…

Yours faithfully…
Bibi ayesha.

Posted by silent living…


5 thoughts on “humble apologies…”

  1. Heyy.. please don think of ending the blog.. well wait as long as it takes.. ur such a great writer Ma sha Allah!! May Allah make things easy for u!! In soooo much of suspense from all characters.. what happened to Tony?!?! How will Hanzala react?!? Hope poor hanzala doesnt get into trouble coz of Nick!!


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