part 132: (sabreen)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“Hi al…. The guys and I have decided to go on a little road trip for a couple of days.. Sorry for not letting you know but it came up all of a sudden. they were leaving early and I didn’t wana wake u.. Make sure u lock up and keep safe.. Will see u in a few days..”

“Oh I forgot.. My fone might be off for most of the trip but I’ll call u wenever its on….bye”

Alice read the messages and then sighed… She wasn’t sure whether she could trust tony or not. A road trip? Where to? And why so all of a sudden?

It just didn’t make sense to her.

But she didn’t have much time to dwell on it. She had tons of assignments to complete and was under way too much of pressure.

She grabbed a red bull from the fridge and headed out of the flat after locking up. She was already 10 minutes late for her lecture.

“Road trip?” Sabreen asked over the phone when she called alice that night.

“I don’t know breeni, I don’t trust him. After what that cop said…”

“Alice. Tony would never do something like that. He wouldn’t. Do you really believe that our brother would kill someone?” She whispered.

“Maybe It was unintentional?”

“Alice! Give him the benefit of the doubt will you?” Sabreens voice returned to normal.

“Okay okay… So…about that trip YOU guys are taking… I’m soooo excited for you!”

“Yeah me too… I can’t believe I’m actually going to sit in an airplane”

“Seems like everyones going somewhere.. Wish I could go somewhere too”

“So why don’t you join us? Will be so awesome to have you with”

“I would love to little sis… But I’ve got tons of work to do and exams are coming up real soon too.”

Sabreen and hilda spent most of their wEek out shopping for all their essentials for their vacation overseas. It was so much of fun. This would be the first holiday she’s ever been to in her life.

All their suitcases were packed and ready. The house was sorted and everything was organised. Mike, hilda and sabreen were ready for a holiday they all deserved.

All they needed was to put in their last few toiletries and last minute items in the morning before leaving for the airport.

“I’m soooo excited, I doubt I’ll even be able to sleep tonight” sabreen plopped herself on the sofa in the TV room with hilda and mike.

Mike smiled widely. “You should try to get some sleep sweety. tomorrow is going to be a very long day”

Hilda was about to say something when the phone began to ring. She looked up at the clock..
“Who in their right mind would be calling at this hour?”

Sabreens excitement settled and was replaced with a little bit of concern. She was hoping that it wasn’t alice with some bad news or something.

She wanted to follow hilda to the room where the telephone was. But decided against it. Instead she chose to watch whatever it was that mike was viewing on TV.. But she couldn’t concentrate.

All these crazy thoughts came rushing to her mind. Alice was all alone. What if something happened to her? Or what if something happened to tony. What if he was out murdering someone else?”

She shook the thoughts out and tried to concentrate on the show playing on the screen… But everything that appeared made her doubts seem more real.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour later, hilda returned to the TV room with a sombre look on her face..

By the looks of it, Something was definitely not right…

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3 thoughts on “part 132: (sabreen)”

  1. Tony’s bhavin suspiciously. I dont trust him. Seems lyk he’s hiding frm da cops
    Poor Alice! She is all stressed out not knowin wat 2 mk of da whole situation.
    Its good dat Sabreen is in a stable home where she wont hav 2 deal wid her siblings issues on her own. ☺Now I wonder wat news Hildas got 2 share


  2. Ooh u bak !! Yay !!!

    Excitement is building now – for the upcoming trip .

    But …. Now what .. Wonder who that was on the fone .. I hope its nothing serious .. N that it doesn’t alter their plans ..

    Suspense …
    Hopefully not for too long now Mrs BA ..

    جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا


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