part 133: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

“What’s going on nick? I need to know what’s happening… I haven’t asked because I felt like it wasn’t my business..but I could get into major trouble at school just for keeping you here”

“What do you mean at school? Why would you get into trouble?”

“Because…. Everyones looking for you. I thought whatever happened had to do with home. I didn’t know it was more serious than that…”

Nick dropped his head in his hands and took a deep breath….
“I’m in big trouble nerd boy… Big trouble.. I’ve messed up big time and there’s no way of fixing this”

Hanzalah remained silent. Waiting for a better explanation.

“I was never like this. I was different before we moved to this town. I preferred being on my own. I didn’t have friends but I was better off. But my life has always been too lonely. My mum worked and I don’t have siblings. I don’t have a father. my mother was a single parent. I don’t even know who my real father is or whether he’s still alive or not. My mother never thought it necessary to ever tell me. Then she got married and we moved here. Don’t get me wrong. Tom is a good guy. But he took my mother further away from me. Whatever little time we had together, he was now in the picture. I craved companionship so when kev and company came into my life, I wanted to fit in. I wanted to feel important. I wanted to be a someone, not a no-one. I wanted to be known and loved. I wanted to know what it felt like to be loved and cared for. I craved attention. And I got it.. In all the wrong ways. Girls were throwing themselves at me. They were impreSsed with all the money I had. technically it wasn’t my money, but it impressed them and I enjoyed every bit of all the attention. I joined them for all the parties and….”

Nick was having second thoughts about telling hanzalah about his dark days and grave secrets. What if hanzalah judged him and kicked him out too?

All the while talking, nick never looked up at hanzalah, he was afraid of finding a disappointed face.

But now he slowly raised his eyes and when they met hanzalahs, he didn’t find disappointment or anger. He found ease and comfort and so he continued.

“And I was introduced to some stuff…”

He looked up again to find hanzalahs forehead crease up in confusion.

Nick sighed again. “Bad stuff…. Drugs, smoking , drinking. I enjoyed the way I felt while taking it. I forgot about all the pain I previously felt. I was happy, or so I thought. I guess it just numbed all the pain. But soon I got used to it. It wasn’t having the same effect on me. I needed something more. Something stronger. And my girlfriend kelly introduced that to me. But she warned me to get help and not become dependant on it. I didn’t like what she said. It annoyed me so I started distancing myself from her. I used her whenever I nEeded more.

Eventually I decided that I needed more and more money and I was running out…. Yeah! I know what you must be thinking. I have so much but my money was running out…. Well this crap is expensive.. So I started taking from my mothers wallet. And from her savings.”

Still there was no sign of judging in hanzalahs expression and that gave nick the ease to go on further.

“I wanted more attention. And wanted everyone in school to envy me. To think I’m the coolest kid ever. Recognition!.. And so I planned this HUGE party. Like the ones we go to almost every weekend. It was on saturday.. And it was wild. My parents were out of town on some business trip, so I had the house to myself. Kelly and I went all out planning. Everyone had to bring a friend and a drink… Err.. Like alcohol you know?”

“But aren’t you underage for that? I may not know much but I see the posters, no 18 and under… Right?”

“Exactly… And that’s why I’m in so much of crap. Someone called the cops and I ran… Like a coward, I ran away. There was drugs and drinks and partying going on in my house and every illegal thing possible and I ran when they said the cops were coming”

Hanzalah was silent. He was in deep thought. He was never exposed to this type of thing. It all sounded too far fetched for him. The thought crossed his mind that maybe nick was exaggerating a little, but then he thought ‘why would he?’

It all made sense now. Why everyones been looking for him and it was such a serious thing.

But this could get hanzalah in a lot of trouble. What was he to do? Do they really need all this trouble in their lives?

Shouldn’t he just get rid of nick? And carry on with life?

Or was this his opportunity to help nick out of this and show him what’s right and wrong?

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2 thoughts on “part 133: (nicholas)”

  1. Nicks lyf is in a beeeg mess right now. He needs help & guidance in da right direction. Hanzalah wud b a gud influence on him. But Hanzalah is too young & inexperienced with these kind of things to be able 2 assist Nick on his own. Lets see how dis dilemmas goin 2 b handled now!


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