part 138: (nicholas)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

Tasha rushed back into the car. She quickly typed out the address on her GPS that nick had told her before she could forget. And when it appeared on her screen, she thought ‘that’s just nearby. My baby is so close to me and I didn’t even know. I really hope these people are taking good care of him.’

She put her car into reverse and reversed out of the driveway..

She drove in such a speed, not caring about the way she was driving. All she could think about was nick. And whether he was okay or not. She was so afraid of not getting there in time. What if he changed his mind and decided to run away again?

She needed to get there quick. She was beginning to get very anxious as she took a right turn into the street of the address that nick gave her.

‘Drive 200 metres and Your destination will be on the right.” Her GPS called out.

Her heart began beating faster now that she was so close to being reunited with her son.

“You have reached your destination” the annoying gps called out again.

Tashas forehead creased in confusion. ‘This can’t possibly be the place. Nick must have given the wrong number.’

She reversed a little to see if maybe she missed the house. Maybe the GPS was wrong.

But she distinctly remembered nick saying the number. She drove forward again and looked at the house with the number nick had given.

‘Oh no! It can’t be. How must my poor son be surviving in such a place? Its so…. Small and…. Simple and ‘

Tasha had expected a modern house all safe and secure with palm trees around it maybe. Not a simple abode like the one infront of her which barely had a proper fencing around it, forget electric fence or security guards and an intercom.

She looked at her phone and contemplated whether she should call the number that nick had called from. Just to double check that she was at the right place.

It rang once and then twice before someone answered in a weird language.
“Assalamu alaykum”

“Err… Hi.. Could I speak to… Err.. Nicholas?”

There was silence for a few seconds and she wasn’t sure what was going on but then she heard nicks voice on the other end.

“Nicky baby. I’m not sure if I’m at the right house..”

“Yes you are mum. Just come into the driveway and come to the side door. I see your car from the window.”

She sighed.. “Okay. See you in a bit”

After nick had put the phone down with his mum. He began shaking uncontrollably. Hanzalah had somehow convinced him that the only way to solve the problem would be to face it head on.

“You can’t hide forever nicholas. We honestly don’t mind keeping you in our home for as long as you wish. But the reality is that at some point either someone is going to find you or something worse can happen. So to avoid that, just man up and call your mum. Explain everything to her. A mother is a mother. She loves you and cares for you no matter what you do in your life. She’ll always forgive you and look past your mistakes. You are lucky to have a mother. I would do anything to get my mother back here. To care for me and even scold me for the little things I do. But the truth is, that she’s gone… Forever… Don’t leave it like this and regret later nick. Call her!”

And that’s how nick ended up calling tasha. He was so relieved when she didn’t answer at first. But then when she did, strangely he felt a deep sense of emotion within him that he never knew he had.

Hanzalah had to get him some sugar water to calm down because of how he was sweating and shaking. It was probably the stress and the withdrawal symptoms. This is the longest he’s ever gone without a fix and it was driving him insane. If he wasn’t in hanzalahs house, he would have thrown and broken something around him.

So when nick heard a car outside. His mouth went dry and he could feel his heart beating all over his body. He had severe palpitations. He knew that it was tashas car and he watched as she reversed and the drove back again.

After she called and he reassured her that she was at the correct house. He stood at the door and waited for tasha to get off the car.

He took a deep breath in. Steady his hands on the door handle and opened the door for his mother.

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6 thoughts on “part 138: (nicholas)”

  1. Jazaakallah for posting consistently!! cant we pleeeeeeezzz pleez please with a cherry on top and chocolate on top of the cherry and sprinkles on top if the chocolate and a jelly tot on top of the sprinkles have a suuuupppper loong post like really sooon??? i just love this blog and cant handle the suspense lol 😀


  2. Ma sha Allah sis!! Youve posted daily for a week!! Thats soooo cool!! U deserve a reward!! Since I cant do anythin for u being across the globe, Ill make Dua for u!!


  3. Tasha finally gets to know where her son is , n she critisizes the place !!! They probably took much better care of him than she ever did !!! I hope Nick learns something from his experience here – n becomes a better person … N إن شاء ألله he n his family can convert !!

    And I hope that Sabreen does try to call Naseema’s fone – she still doesn’t know that she passed away …

    Really appreciate that u posted daily !!! Was wonderful..

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


  4. Jazakallah for posting consistently! Can’t we pleeeez pleeez please with a cherry on top and chocolate on top of the cherry and sprinkles on top of the chocolate and a blue jelly tot on top of the sprinkles have a suuuuuuuuper looooong post like really soon??!! I looove this blog and the suspence gives me trouble with my (shukr, non existant) high-blood pressure!


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