part 139: (nicholas+hanzalah)

**”Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem”
-in the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful-**

The minute tasha laid her eyes on nick, tears began pouring down he face. She grabbed him to her and hugged him so tight that nick thought he was going to suffocate.

He wasn’t used to this type of affection so he didn’t return the hug. He just stood awkwardly with his hands hanging on the side.

She held on to him for so long until nick couldn’t take it anymore and pushed away gently. He still couldn’t look up at her.

Tasha took nicks face in both of her hands and kissed him on his forehead.
“Don’t ever run away again nicko. Don’t ever torture me like this.”

Nick was still trembling. Either out of anxiety or withdrawal symptoms.

“Come on… Let’s go home.. Please let’s just go home and start all over again.”

Nick sighed. Still not meeting her gaze. And then walked to the lounge to sit down.
“I can’t mum.. I.. I don’t know what to do.. I can’t just come home”

“Why not?”

“Because… I’ve messed up mum”

“So? You’re going to live… Here?”

She said it as if he were living in a broken down shack.

And nick hoped that hanzalah wasn’t anywhere nearby to hear the disgust in tashas voice at their humble abode.

“Mum! These people have really looked after me. Please have some respect for them. They may not live in a grand house like we do, but they’re happy.. I can’t say the same about where I come from!”

“Oh! And where do you come from nicko? I’ve always given you everything of the best..”

“everything in life isn’t about material stuff ma… Why can’t you just understand.. I have everything but I’m unhappy. I hate my life. I’ve always hated my life. You never sit and ask me if I’m happy or not or what makes me happy. You always just assume that I’m okay because I’ve got everything that money can buy.”

Tasha looked run down by what nick said.

“Can’t we go home and talk this through? I’ll give you all my time and we’ll sort everything out. I don’t feel comfortable discussing all our private matters in a strangers home.”

Nick shook his head.
“They’re not strangers if they’ve opened up their home and their hearts for me. And I can’t go home until I’ve cleared everything up with you first.”

“Go home nicholas. For your mothers sake… Go home and make peace!”

Tasha and nick both looked up and found hanzalah in the doorway.

“Hello ma’am” hanzalah greeted humbly without looking directly at tasha.

“Err.. Hi… You must be nicks friend. How will I ever thank you and your family for keeping my son safe?”

She got up to walk towards hanzalah. But hanzalah put his hand up slightly and she got the hint not to go any closer.
“No need to thank us ma’am. Nick is a good boy. And we’ll do anything to help at anytime. Our doors are always open for him but I think its best if he goes home with you and the 2 of you discuss all your matters in private. And hopefully everything can get sorted out.”

“Thank you! You’re a very wise young man!”

Nick smiled up at hanzalah “he definitely is!”


“So nicko? Are you coming home? Please?” Tasha took his hand and held on tight like her entire life depended on it.

Nick held hanzalah gaze and he knew from the look in hanzalahs eyes that he needed to go home. Sooner or later he had to. Now seemed like a good time. And nick trusted hanzalah with his life. He always gave him the right advice.

“Ma… Can you just give me a few minutes alone with hanzalah? I’ll meet you in the car in a few minutes.”

Tashas face broke into a huge smile and her entire body showed relief. “Ofcourse son. Take your time. I’ll wait outside…”

She turned to hanzalah again.
“Thank you so much again young man.”

“Hanzalah” nick told her.

“Err… Han.. Z.. Zaalaa..” She stuttered. “And thank you so much to your family. Please tell your mum and dad I said so. ”

“Will do ma’am” hanzalah nodded.

Tasha walked out of the house towards the car and closed the door behind her giving hanzalah and nick their privacy.

Authors note:
Jazakallah so much to everyone for not giving up on me, for liking the posts and for those who take the time to comment. I truly appreciate it all. It may seem like I don’t read the comments. But I do. I look very forward to seeing likes and comments come through to my e-mail.
So please keep them coming and always keep me and my family in your special duas.
Lots of love..
Bibi ayesha

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12 thoughts on “part 139: (nicholas+hanzalah)”

  1. Loving every bit of the story. You are really talented. Mashallah. Always look forward to your posts though I don’t comment regularly. Jazakallahkhayr


  2. Way to go Nick !! @least he realises Hanzala’s worth ! N that money is not everything .. So true that kids needs love n affection more than material things …

    Enjoying ur story – ​​​الحمد لله

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


  3. Hanzala’s akhlaaq and lifestyle has had a good impact on Nick. Lets hope he doesn’t go back to his old ways when he returns home ☺


  4. Here we go…another blog was going so well frm the beginning just stoppedposting….plzzzz dont do this to us tell us you not posting so we dont waste our time everyday looking for a post.plzzzz say whats happening


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