Part 142: (sabreen)

“So why did sam initially say that there was a break in at the house?” Mike asked hilda. He was confused and didnt know what to believe. It all seemed too far-fetched and coming from beth and sam it was most likely not to make any sense.

Hilda sighed.. “he said cos he couldnt tell me about beths heavy addiction and sleeping around…”

“I hope you dont mind that im going to be at the hospital with her until things are sorted?”

Mike shook his head… “no…. shes your sister…but please be careful sweetheart. I cant see you getting hurt by her anymore.”

The next morning hilda was up and gone before everybody even woke up.

Sabreens eyes fluttered open and the only thing she could think about was confronting hilda and mike. She climbed out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to freshen up and brush her teeth. Once she had her hair tied and neatened up, she headed downstairs. She found mike sipping his coffee with the newspaper infront of him.

“Morning…” she said nervously.

Mike set the paper down and smiled warmly at sabreen.
“Hey sweety… u sleep well?”

Sabreen nodded and then looked around..
“Wheres aunt hilda?”

“She had to leave early to be back at the hospital in time. She wanted to miss the early morning traffic going out that way.”

Sabreens face showed disappointment and mike noticed.
“Whatsup breeni? You wana talk to me?”

She hesitated for a while.

“Go on… you know you can talk to me!”
Mike thought it might have something to do with beth being in hospital. But sabreen wasnt bothered about that in the least.

“I.. i wanted to speak to you and aunt hilda together about something important.”

Mike looked at her expectantly.. “what is it breeny?” His face full of concern.

“Well i… uh.. i was just thinking… erm..”
She fiddled with the loose piece of cotton from her pyjama sleeve.
“I was wondering if i could erm… maybe go and stay with alice for the holiday. Its getting kinda lonely around here since aunt hilda is away all day.”

Mikes expression relaxed.. and his lips curled into a smile… “is that all you needed to ask?”

“Err.. kinda…”

“But isnt alice on campus all day? Youll still be alone all day there”

Yeah… but i was thinking of… erm… maybe getting a…a…a job for the holidays..

Mike raised an eyebrow…

a job?

Sabreen looked down and nodded.

What sort of job?

At one of the restaurants in the mall. Its a burger place. Theyre looking for staff for the holidays cos theyre quite busy and short staff.

But youve never worked before?!

Sabreen lost hope. All these questions meant that mike was going to refuse. She should just give it up. She sighed and got up to make herself some breskfast.

Youre right uncle mike. Its silly to even think about it. Im sorry for bothering you with my silly thoughts. I guess the boredom is just getting to me.

Mike held her wrist as she walked past him.

I didnt say no young lady. I just want to make sure you know what youre doing and that youre doing it for the right reasons. Im actually proud of you for wanting to take this step. I never thought this day would come…

A smile spread across her face.


She squealed in excitement.

Her smile and excitement was contagious. He began to smile too. Mike looked up at the clock and then back at sabreen.

What you say… you spend today packing up your stuff to take with to alice and i will drop you off early tomorrow morning before work?

i wouldve dropped you today but i wont make it for work if i do.

Sabreen leapt into his arms….

Thank you sooo much uncle mikey… youre the best.. but…

She stood back up.

We havent spoken to aunt hilda yet. What if she disagrees?

You leave that upto me okay?

Mike got up, ruffled sabreens hair and headed off for work.

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6 thoughts on “Part 142: (sabreen)”

  1. Sam n beth n their drama ……… They r just a pair of lying , irritating lunatics !!!
    Sabreen gonna b a working lady !! Hopefully she gains more confidence in herself n makes more friends … N alice will b visiting her often @ the burger place !! *wink* *wink*

    All the best Sabreen !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Sad that the story will b ending soon n that u won’t b blogging this year !! *tear*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wslm…jx sister but i really dont have anything in mind to write about at the moment. I dont want my writing to become monotonous.. and besides my life has become so full… i barely hav tym to breath. I really appreciate your comment though… who knows? Maybe il start writing again oneday inshallah


  2. Aww. Thats so sad. Don’t want it to end so soon. But we understand. I hope Allah makes everything easy for you and grants you khair in all matters. I may not know you but I can feel what you going through. Don’t forget us sis. Insha Allah one day you’ll be able to continue with your dream 😌

    Liked by 1 person

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