Part 146: (sabreen)

Hmmm…this pasta is soooo yummy!

Well…i cant take full credit cos it was a new pasta i found at the super market.

They both giggled.

Well its still good… even if its ready made

With my life being so hectic, i need quick and easy meals. But if you come to live with me, maybe i will be more eager to cook. Cooking for 1 person can be quite boring

The sisters settled into a comfortable silence enjoying their dinner.

So? Any news from tony yet?

Nope, nothing ye


And have those cops been back?

Thank god no!

Have you tried calling tony?

Yes but his phone always goes to voicemail

There was silence again. Both of them in their own thoughts.

Whats the latest on beth?

I dont know. I dont ask and nobodys volunteered any info either. But that suits me just fine.

And silence once more.

Breeni, do you think we are being nasty? Or bad kids? By not going to see her?

Sabreen sighed before jumping off her chair and carrying her now empty plate to the sink.

I thought about that too al… but im not doing it because i hate her. Im just really afraid. And although my shrink advised me to toughen up and face my fears, im not brave enough as yet. Im taking baby steps right now and thats why i want this job so much. People are one of my fears and i need to tackle that first.

Alice side hugged her sister after placing her dirty dishes in the sink aswel.

Im so proud of you my little sis. And i cant wait for tomorrow morning.


Sabreen asked amused.

So you can check out mr manager?

Oh shut it will you!

Alice pushed sabreen playfully.

And his name is george by the way.

Ooooooh!and she knows his name too

Sabreen teased.

Alice, who had opened the tap to wash up their plates, blushed first and then splashed some water on sabreen.

Sabreen first stood shocked, looking at her sister and then gave an evil smirk…

Oh no! You didnt just do that!

Sabreen grabbed the botte of water from the table and emptied its contents on alice.

And so began a sibling war…

They ran after eachother with whatever they could find. It started off with water first but soon it turned into flour and eggs and even washing powder.

They were having such a carefree time. Both sabreen and alice couldnt remember the last time they had so much of fun and laughter. Or if they had ever had so much of fun at all before in their traumatised life.

They continued their fun until they heard someone gasp and were forced to stop and turn around, only to be face to face with the intruder himself….

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4 thoughts on “Part 146: (sabreen)”

  1. Yaaay !! The long awaited 5 posts are here … Two down … 3 more to go !!
    Lol …. *wishfull thinking* ..

    Buuut … U seem to be in a good mood Mrs BA … Sooo .. Mayb we’l get more posts today !! Cos , u can’t just stop there n not let us know who came in !!
    Mayb its Tony …

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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