Part 147: (hanzalah)

Hanzalah thought of nick often and tried to keep in touch with him and check up on him. The few times he tried calling, nicks mum would always say that nick was out.

But hanzalah was a wise boy and eventually caught the hint. Tasha wasnt pleased with the idea of hanzalah keeping in touch with her son. That, or nick was purposely avoiding him.

So hanzalah gave up calling and continued making dua for nicks well being and guidance.

Things quitened down after a while at school. Once there were new things to talk about, people forgot about the whole nicholas fiasco.

Hanzalah was too engrossed in his studies to be bothered about anything in school… and so the year passed by and the time had come for hanzalah to start his final exams.

He studied terribly hard all day and retired to bed immediately after returning from the esha salaah everyday so that he could be up by 3am every morning.

He would wake up, perform his ablution, pray his tahajjud prayers and beg Allah for His assistance. He used to recite some verses from the quraan until it was time for fajar prayers. As soon as the time set in, he would perform his 2 sunnah raka’ats of fajr and then head to the masjid with his father.

The time after fajr was spent studying some more.

Naeema didnt allow hanzalah to do any chores in the house as she felt that his studies were far more important at this stage.

Hanzalah thought of his mother all the time. He missed her so much. Knowing that it was she who sacrificed all her time to teach hanzalah for all his primary years. If she were alive, no doubt, she wouldve sat behind him, teaching him everything as if she were going through his final exams with him.

Habiba and naeema continued to be at eachothers throats. No matter how much naeema tried and no matter how much abdullah disciplined habiba, she remained so stubborn.

Deep down she refused to accept naeema as her mother. She loved her aunt/step mother. But she missed her mother every single day. She was way too young when her mum left her behind and so it was harder for her to understand or accept.

Abdullah came home oneday with some news…

We are expecting some mehmaan.. some guests are coming. They will stay at a hotel nearby, but ive invited them over for all the meals. They will be coming from amreeka


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7 thoughts on “Part 147: (hanzalah)”

  1. Post 3 of 5 … WOW … U moving fast sister !!! Catching up time *wink* !!

    Hmmm … Seems like Tasha hasn’t even learnt anything from this whole incident … She’s still soo immature … And not acknowledge Hanzala for the good that he has done !!

    Hmmm … Visitors from amreeka !! Wonder who they are !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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