Part 148: (nicholas)

It was just a 6 month program and now Nick was out on trial.

After everything that happened, tasha and tom patched things up a little and decided that it would be best to send nick for rehab.

Ofcourse he put up a fuss and denied that he was addicted. But his body gave in eventually and he had no other choice but to oblige.

How about we all go out for lunch today?

Tasha suggested after picking nick up ftom the rehabilitation centre.

I dont quite feel like being in publuc yet ma

Tasha and tom looked at eachother with sympathy in their eyes while nick just closed his eyes pretending to be taking a nap.

Being in rehab was taxing. They were woken up early every morning for meditation and reflection. Nick was made to do councelling aswel.

He wasnt too happy about the councelling either. It made him feel as if he was crazy or something but eventually he realised that being councelled didnt mean he was crazy. It just opened up old wounds and helped him heal a little from the inside.

By the last week he actually looked forward to the councelling sessions and if there was anything he would miss about the centre… it was that.

Just walking into his home brought back all the terribly embarrassing moments of his past.

The first thing he needed was a good shower.

Once he was out, there was a knock on his room door.

Come in

When youre ready, please join us in the backyard… toms started the fire for a braai already.

Tasha said after opening the door and peering inside with a smile.

She was so relieved to have nick back home but they would have to keep a close eye on him so that he doesnt relapse.

She really missed nick alot and wished that things didnt turn out the way it did. But these 6 months were good for her and tom. They had time alone to repair their marriage and put things together.

Nick joined tasha and tom a few moments later but the atmosphere was a little tense. He didnt know what to say to any of them and they felt awkward too.

So son… how you been?

Tom finally broke the awkwardness.

Good i guess… surviving

Thats great to hear and we are really proud of your development over these few months

Nick smiled.

Thanks. Im trying. I really am.. i just need a little more support. Being there was the easy part because theyre behind us all the time. Now that im back here and out in the open, im a little scared actually.

Tasha smiled warmly at him and squeezed his shoulder

Everything will be okay nicko. We are here for you.

Lets get some plates and dig in… this meat looks good!

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4 thoughts on “Part 148: (nicholas)”

  1. Soo , that’s why Nick was never arnd to answer the calls …..
    ( And here I’m accusing Tasha !! Lol )

    Anyway – its good to see Nick on the road to recovery !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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