Part 149: (sabreen)

What in the world is going on here?

Sabreen and alice looked around the house and then at eachother and burst out laughing.

Have the 2 of you gone a little crazy or something?

The girls had to hold on to something to steady themselves from all the laughter. Alice wiped the tears from her eyes carefully so not to let any muck get into her eyes..

What..what are you.. doing here?

Erm… i live here?

Duh tony… you always use that line

Well you always ask me that question

Do you blame me? You just disappear into thin air and appear again out of the blue like some kind of weirdo…


Tony growled to frighten them but they remained looking at him with a bored expression.

What? I told you im going on a roadtrip.. and the roadtrip is officially over… so im home

He shrugged before walking past them and headed towards his room. He paused and turned around..

You guys have dinner yet?

Yes thanks! And its all finished so you can make something for yourself if youre hungry.

Alice said rudely.

Tony had a hurt look on his face. He sighed and said..

Well i wasnt implying that i wanted to eat your food al.. im glad to be home and wanted to take the 2 of you out to dinner.

And with that he left them both feeling guilty.

Alice turned to face sabreen.

We better start cleaning up this mess breeni and get to bed. We have a very early start tomorrow and a hectic day too.

The girls spent the next hour cleaning up the mess they had made and then had a solid shower to get all the mess out.

Tony stayed in his room.

While sabreen was all cleaned up and changed into her pj’s and alice was in the shower, sabreen decided to check on tony. She thought of the hurt she seen in his eyes and felt very bad.

She knocked once and heard tony say

come in!

Tony was standing by his window, leaning against the window pane with a cigarette inbetween his forefinger and middle finger.

He turned slightly to see sabreen enter and close the door behind her. He smiled.

Hey breens!

Sabreen returned his smile.

Hey! So… how was the trip?

She moved a few things that occupied tonys bed before sitting down.

Tony took one last puff and through the remaining cigarette out the window.

It was awesome. The best thing id ever done in my life

Thats great! So whered you go?

We headed up north and toured all the places as we went along. We camped at most places unless the weather wasnt good and then took a different route and came back home.

Wow. That must have beem fun

It was. It really was. This trip has taught me so much sabreen.

Tony sat down next to his little sister.

Ive been a pathetic brother. Im supposed to protect my sisters and look after the 2 of you. I made so many mistakes and ive almost turned out like sam. And i hate who i was becoming. I want to change. I want to be there for you guys. Both of you. You all i have and well im all you guys have.

Im sorry abouy alice. Its been really hard on her. Living alone and stuff. And well just understand things from her side.

Tony nodded.

I know..i dont blame her for hating me. But i want to change things. Im going to earn her trust and forgiveness. It might take a long time but it will all be worth it.

She will come around soon. Dont worry.

Sabreen got up to leave with a yawn.

Sleep tight and see you in the morning okay?!

Hey breens! Howcome youre here?

Tony asked before she could leave. It only struck him now that it was a weekday. Sabreen never comes over on a weekday..

Sabreen sat back down.. theres so much that tony needed to be filled in with. And there was no better time than now.

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4 thoughts on “Part 149: (sabreen)”

  1. And Mr Tony is bak !!
    Really great to see that he’s changing for the better – n they can be a happy family again …

    Wonerful Sisterly fun … ( But too much wastage .. They’l learn soon إن شاء ألله )

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tony wants to change for the better ☺. It’s really good to see the siblings uniting again.
    Sisterly fun 👭! Haha!!!!!!!
    Waiting for more 😜.

    Liked by 1 person

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