Part 150: (sabreen)

Sabreen smiled as she felt the kick in her tummy. A feeling she would never get tired of. It was her second pregnancy and just as her first she was loving every bit of it.

She would never believe that her life would take such a turn. She always thought of herself as the less confident, abused and neglected child who would never find happiness.

Whats gotten you so deep in thought sis?

Alice asked from where she stood at the door watching her sister. Content that sabreen was finally at peace. Happy at last.

Sabreen turned to alice..


she replied..

Well its been a rollercoaster for us all.. thats for sure.

But all worth it in the end

Sabreen said as she gazed down lovingly at her year old little princess that lay sprawled out beside her on their king sized bed.

Well i just came in to tell you that im leaving. Im sure doc will be here soon. And i still have to go home and prepare supper before george closes up.

Yes alice had eventually married george and he was a wonderful, caring man. Nothing what either of the sisters had expected. They were always of the view that men were dogs.

Sabreen thought back to her teenage years where she had began working at the restaurant. Her first few days were horrible and she wondered every night whether she had made the right decision by working.

George, the manager at the time had made life very easy for her. Since sabreen wasnt very good at writing and taking down orders, he had a special order book made up for her where all she needed to do was tick off the order of the customers. This also sped up the process alot and by the end of sabreens first holiday, she couldnt wait for her next holiday to come back and work.

By the time sabreen went back home that holiday, beth was out of hospital and sent to a rehabilitation centre to deal with her alcohol and slight drug addiction. This time it was her own choice.

Hilda continued up and down to the hospital, caring for her sisters needs right till her last day in hospital.

The day before beth was taken by ambulance to the rehab from the hospital, hilda greeted her..

Il be back early tomorrow morning elizabeth. I need to give you a good shower and brush your hair and neaten you up a little.

Beth was still very weak and lay in bed with a drip stuck to her arm but she was gaining strength as the days went by and thats why the doctors thought it best to send her now to the centre. It was what she begged for. She wanted it really bad. She wanted to go. And they were all so glad that beth had accepted that she had a problem and needed help.

Hilda took her sisters hands in her own.

Il bring some nail polish too and a mini manicure set.
Your na

ils look awful.

Beth nodded weakly…

red please

Her voice was still hoarse and groggy.

Il bring you a clean nightie too. Youve been wearing this hospital gown for days now. You need anything else bethy?

And thats when beth began trembling and let out loud sobs at the same time…

My kids! I need my kids! All 3 of them!

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3 thoughts on “Part 150: (sabreen)”

  1. In to the future !!

    Need to know who she got married to and how !!!
    She seems very happy , and content too .. That’s great news ..

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً


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