Part 151: (sabreen)

The mood was sombre as hilda explained to the 3 kids about their mothers situation.

Well? Will you guys even consider it?

Sabreen picked at the skin on her fingers and continued looking down.

Alice turned her face angrily away from hilda. How could she even ask them such a thing after what beth and sam had put them through till now?

Tony stood up and paced up and down agitated before running his hands through the side of his mohawk hairstyle.

I understand kids. I really do. I know she… they have hurt you guys alot…

Pft..understatement of the year..

Alice rolled her eyes.

In every way possible..

Hilda continued, ignoring alices statement.

But she is still your mother and she has also been through hell and back. She regrets what shes done and wants to move forward. She has asked for the help this time. No-one is forcing her.

It was almost an hour and it was getting late and there was still no progress. None of the kids had given in. And unfortunately they were old enough to each make their own decisions so no-one could force them.

But hilda, on the other hand, had seen her sisters moans and agony and couldnt return to her without knowing that the kids would atleast try to come.

And if you guys dont want to.. or are not ready to see sam as yet.. i understand that. And im not asking that of you. In all this time that ive been at your mothers side, sam wasnt there. I never bumped into him and chances of any of you bumping into him is rare… i promise!

Beth had told hilda that sam had to work and usually visited her at night. Whether beth was covering up for sam or not, hilda had no clue and frankly she really didnt care much.

The kids were having a hard time deciding what to do. Each one deep in their own thoughts.

Alice didnt care at all. If beth died and she never had the chance to see her, it wouldnt bother her in the least. Infact she would be glad. Her hatred for beth ran very deep.

Sabreen on the other hand felt guilty. She wanted to forgive and go but she was terribly afraid. She wasnt sure if she could handle seeing beth.

And tony needed a cigarette urgently. He couldnt think. If the decision was his to make, and if this was asked of him before his trip, he definitely would have said no. But since his spontaneous roadtrip, he tried not to be selfish. He had his sisters to think of aswel. Did his mother deserve to be forgiven and visited? He had also many some terrible mistakes in his life and was given another chance. What would he do if everyone shunned him and didnt give him a chance? Alice still hadnt forgiven him completely and it hurt like hell. So was he supposed to do the same to beth?

But if he agreed, how would it affect their lives after this?


Mike entered the sitting room just before tony agreed on everyones behalf.

I dont think the time is right for them to see their mother, hilda.

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One thought on “Part 151: (sabreen)”

  1. Not an easy decision for the kids to make. Confusing as to whats the right thing to do 😕. Now dat dey have some peace in their lives, dey dont want to lose dat 😌. Waitin to know what happens next. ☺

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