Part 152: (sabreen)

And why not mikey?

Hilda was surprised at mikes decision.

We can discuss this once the kids leave love.

Why? We are old enough to hear what you have to say uncle mike.

Mike sighed and sat down on the arm of the couch.

Because your mums condition isnt the best. And im not saying that she isnt sincere in wanting to change but in my opinion she has hurt you kids tremendously and neglected you all completely. It doesnt mean you guys all need to jump suddenly when she says so. Yes she is your mum. And eventually you should go to see her and hopefully find it in your hearts to forgive and move forward but beth needs to prove herself first by getting better and clean. Once we see the change over a few weeks or months, then we take it from there.

Everyones tense shoulders relaxed besides hilda. It made so much of sense to them.

So what do i tell beth when i see her tomorrow?

Tell her to give them time. That theyre not ready but in time they will visit her

And that was final. Hilda was angry at mike for jumping in like that and although deep down she knew that he was right, she was smack in the middle of things.

Hilda stood by her sister the next morning. She bathed and readied her to leave. When it was time to leave beth put up a fuss. She wanted to drive with her sister to the rehab. Not in an ambulance. But it was out of the question. She was still a fragile patient and they were not willing to take any risks.

Hilda drove behind them all through the 80 kilometres to the rehab lost in her own thoughts.

She had to go with to fill out forms and necessary documents. Sam was nowhere to be seen which hilda found to be quite strange.

His wife was being transported to rehab for god knows how long and he wasnt there. Forget about accompanying her but not even to greet her goodbye and wish her luck.

But then again… it was sam… she couldnt expect much from him anyway.

They were given a tour of the place once they reached and hilda asked a few questions. She felt relieved when they said that in all their 15 years, they only had 1 escape. Security was tight and they were well experienced in this field.

Beth was made to fill out forms stating that she would abide to all the rules of the place and once that was done, hilda and beth held on tight and cried.

This was it… beths road to recovery and a fresh new start

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2 thoughts on “Part 152: (sabreen)”

  1. Mike is very wise – and I agree that Beth should prove herself first … Who would want to visit a parent who treated them worst than dirt !! Its sad , but a reality …
    And hopefully she does come clean fast .. For her own good !
    And Mr Sam .. The dirty old man !! Lol … He’s probably partying somewhere , totally drunk n uninterested !! And doesn’t evn know abt beth .. Well .. He just better stay away from them all cos he’s just a no-good loser ..

    Can’t wait to hear abt Sabreens new family !!

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Liked by 1 person

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