Versatile blogger award…


Im really delayed at this…i know!🙈…but guess what? When you have soooo many wonderful people who nominate you..
Its touching… really is… i feel so honoured…

Jazakallah to the following bloggers…
1.diary of confession
3.safiyyah laher
4.zaakiras simple yet complex life
5.any other blogger that may have nominated me and i havent seen the nomination yet due to being a total useless case😬

Blogs that i nominate…if youve already been obligation on you…and if u havent been nominated before… well still no obligation…lol…in no particular order…

1.tales of the sisterhood
2.safiyyah laher
3.diary of confessions
4.second best
5.culinary skills
6.the changes of life
7.zaakiras simple yet complex life
9.finding solace
10.the journey to changes
11.surti diaries
12.lives less ordinary
13.layyanah grey
15.travelling through her mind

7 facts about myself… passionate about the work i do…and obsessive a disciplinarian… my family calls me a drill sergeant.

3.i loooooove food

4.i loooooove sleep

5.i wont put a novel down until im done with it an extrovert…and talk more than im supposed to

7.i hate pizza😛 or any form of melted cheese

Posted by bibi ayesha


3 thoughts on “Versatile blogger award…”

  1. That’s the same thing that caught my eye … ” U HATE PIZZA !! ” Omg … N I lurve pizza and any form of melted cheese !!! ….*yummeeeee* …
    Lol ..

    Mrs Disciplinarian !! *tongue*

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