Part 154: (nicholas)

Nick never felt this way before. Yes he was a player. He loved girls and was chuffed about the fact that they all use to fall at his feet. Even though he knew that it was mostly because of his money and nothing more. Something about this girl pulled at nicks heart. She was beautiful even with the cleft that he found on her gorgeous face. And there was something in her eyes which made him feel like they could relate in some way. He knew that she too had some pain hidden deep within.

Nick couldnt stop staring at her which made her very nervous. He was sure that she could feel his intense gaze on her but she never met his eyes. She nervously took down their orders and rushed away to the kitchen.

Nicky…are you okay?

Huh?err yeah… just hungry

Nick shrugged nonchalantly.

Tasha and tom spoke but nick couldnt concentrate on what they were saying. His eyes kept drifting towards the kitchen door hoping she’ll come back soon.

And when she did, to hand them their drinks, he could hear his heart beating in his ears and was sure that she could hear it too from where she was standing.

She was so different to other girls. She had a certain amount of modesty to her. She wasnt overly friendly but neither was she cold and infriendly.

Nick strained his eyes to her name tag..


Wow… what an unusual name… but it suited her perfectly because she was truly an unusual girl.

He wished that she would look at him. His heart yearned for her gaze to meet his. Just so he could smile at her and let her know that he too knows what pain is. But he more he wished it, the more she didnt look.

Nick took his time to eat. Wishing they could stay longer. Even if she wouldnt talk to him or look at him, atleast he found peace and happiness in looking at her.

At he end of their meal when she handed them their bill, nick felt agitated. He had to leave. He wouldnt see her again. For a while. Or forever. He wanted to get her number but of what use was it, he had no phone himself. How would he call her? And besides, who was to say the she would even give him hers?

With a heavy heart and a tummy full of hamburger, fries and milkshake, nick, tasha and tom left the restaurant.

For weeks after that nick thought about sabreen. He tried to get her out of his mind. Of what use would it be to pine for a girl he may never see again in his life?

But he couldnt. She was all he thought about and all he dreamt of. But to his surprise, this feeling towards her wasnt normal. It wasnt one of lust or infatuation. He wasnt crushing on her. It was different. Almost as if they were bound somehow to eachoher. As if he knew that she would be the only person who would understand him and be able to comfort him.

Something happened to nick after he seen sabreen. She was his motivation without her even realising it. Without her even knowing about nicks existence.

Nick decided that the past was the past and couldnt haunt him forever. Life was passing by and he was losing out.

He needed to pull himself together and start fresh.

He needed to do something meaningful with his life.

He didnt finish school but that didnt make him a loser. There were so many things he could achieve and he would. He wouldnt wait another day. He would start today and make new memories. Good ones. And he would succeed.

Because even though a puzzle piece may be slightly damaged, it wasnt lost and would still complete a puzzle. He was slightly damaged but he wasnt dead or lost. He was alive and had another chance at life.

This post is dedicated to a silent reader…
SB couture
Jazakallah for following my stories and may Allah always be with you, grant you happiness, peace, contentment, love and success in everything you do…

Lotsa love to everyone…
Bibi ayesha

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3 thoughts on “Part 154: (nicholas)”

  1. Nick was motivated by Sabreen ! It’s so good dat he’s adopted a positive attitude & is starting afresh 😊. Seems like Nick & Sabreen r going to come together soon. 😘

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