Part 155: (sabreen)

Yes this is her sister

Yes i was the one who brought her in

I dont understand, is everything alright?


She what?

Hilda placed the phone down and looked like she’d just seen a ghost.

Everything alright babe?

I.. i dont know

Who was on the phone?

It was the rehab…

And? Is everything okay? Is beth alright?

Hilda put her head in her hands and shook her head and then pulled her hair in frustration.

Honey? Whats going on?

They called to let me know that beths been acting out alot. That she refused to co-operate or do anything that they ask her to…

Mike waited for something worse. Because surely that couldnt be what surprised hilda. She should have expected that from beth. She isnt the easiest person to deal with.. and beth is known for her stubbornness.

Mike never did like beth. He just stomached her attitude for the sake of his wife. He tried to never run her down for hildas sake. But he too was beginning to get annoyed. Beth was a grown woman who has caused so much of hurt and pain to so many people who ought to be respected and cared for.

All 3 of beths kids have led terrible lives because of her immaturity. She needed to pull up her socks and wake up now. She asked to be sent to rehab. She wanted this change. Nobody forced her to make this decision, so she needed to get a life..

Shes gone!

Hilda finally said..  pulling mike out of his thoughts.

Excuse me?

Shes gone mikey… you were right…again

Gone where?

Hilda sighed..

beth signed herself out. Shes gone from the rehab

But thats not possible. She cant sign herself out

But shes gone… how else would she have gone? She didnt escape… thats what the lady at the centre said. That she was signed out and left.

They both were quiet before looking at eachother. Realisation.


They muttered at the same time.

Oh that dog!

You were right mikey. Im glad that we didnt involve the kids. It wouldve been harder for them if they had gone to see her and then she did this. In a way im glad they never forgave her. I wish i never did.

You just did what you thought was right sweetheart. You are a good natured woman with a soft and forgiving heart. You cant change who beth is. Beth and sam will never change. Just dont get too caught up again.

And to think all our plans for a great vacation got cancelled because of her. Im just so angry.

Its okay. We can always reschedule. Although now wouldnt be such a great idea. Sabreens tutor says that theres quite abit of work she would like to complete with sabreen. She needs to close up earlier as she will be going on maternity leave soon.

I guess then we should rebook once she is done for the year, but prices for year end are sky high.

And we have got enough time to save up

Mike hugged her and kissed her forehead lovingly. She couldnt have asked for a more loving and understanding man beside her. And now that they had sabreen. They were a complete family. Nothing else should matter.

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