Part 156: (hanzalah)

Hanzalah and his family loved having a full house. All their family was abroad and because they werent so wealthy, they didnt have many friends coming over. It has always been about status and wealth in their town.

He had passed his final exams and achieved excellent results. He had already applied at a couple of universities and no doubt with his results, he had many options of which to choose.

Along with studying medicine, hanzalah enrolled for a part time aalim and hifzul quraan course.

He was considering only doing the aalim course and taking a leap year from university but eventually decided that he might manage both. If he found it tough, he would leave medicine until he was done with his islamic studies.

Beta, can you please put the bowl of kheer in the fridge to chill?…

Naeema was very busy preparing for the guests from america. They arrived in south africa 2 weeks ago but were travelling around to different towns for conferences and meetings. They currently were at a hotel nearby where they checked in earlier this morning and were due for lunch at anytime.

Just as he closed the fridge he heard some car doors closing in the driveway.

Khalla i think theyre here… let me finish frying those few chapatis for you. You can go to your room now.

Hanzalah took the rolling pin from naeemas hand.

Naeema wiped her hands on a kitchen towel and removed her apron.she then hurried off to her room where she would be until the guests left. There were only a couple of men and mo ladies so ofcourse it would be totally improper for her to be around. Besides, hanzalah and abdullah were both responsible enough to take over and oversee their guests.

Once all the rotis were fried, hanzalah cleared up the kitchen, rinsed his hands and went to the lounge to greet.

And this is my son hanzalah

Abdullah beamed as hanzalah walked in.

He just completed his final year at school alhamdulillah.

Aah..achaa…very good son

One of the elder men shook hanzalahs hand and drew him in for a quick fatherly hug.

So what do you intend doing now?

Another man asked with much interest.

Hanzalah kept up the conversation, explaining to them what his future plans were, while abdullah headed for the kitchen to dish up the food. He had very limited time before he needed to go back to the shop. And the guests also needed some rest and were probably starving.

Hmmm. Its so good to finally eat food that tastes like our own. Everywhere we go, its just fancy fancy food.

Prawn this and portugese that.. nothing beats a good home cooked curry.

One of the men remarked and everyone laughed…

Maaf.. may i use your bathroom?

One of the much younger of the men asked.

Jee, jee.. no problem

..let me show you.

Hanzalah said as he hurriedly stood up.

No are still busy eating. Dont get up beta. Just tell me where to go.. im sure il find it.

Okay… turn right here..go down the passage, then left and its the first door on your right


Teekhe.. jazakallah

The young man headed in the direction that hanzalah told him. He turned right and found an interesting frame on the wall. He always loved great artwork and he noticed that it was the only item of luxury that this warm family seemed to possess. He didnt notice any other frames in the house or any ornaments of any kind and he admired that.

After appreciating the intricate piece of art, he continued towards the bathroom but when he got to the intersection, he couldnt remember if hanzalah said left or right..

I think he said right and then the first door on the left. He thought.

He hurriedly walked into the first room on his left after taking a right turn and closed the door behind him, making sure to lock it. Only when he turned around did he realise that it wasnt the bathroom…

and he wasnt alone.

And He couldnt believe the sight before him.

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