Quraan and thikr challenges

Assalamu Alaykum my beloved family in islam…

Ramadaan is less than a month away… so ive decided to start the quran khatam challenge once again inshallah..

Ive had lots of positive feedback from many readers and a few…(not gona mention ur name;)) havent given me an option really. Lol..

Truly it has benefitted me tremendously last year and hopefully it can be a means of hidayah for me and my family this year inshalah aswel as for the entire ummah…

For those who are not aware how this works…

We will try to complete as many quraans as possible from now until the end of ramadaan together inshallah.

I will post paras 1-30 with the names of whoever has taken it upon themselves to complete that para/juzz. There is no pressure to complete within a certain tym frame, as long as you see to it that the para is actually completed at your own pace.

If a para is already taken, and you also wish to read that para, i will add your name for that juzz on the next round inshallah.

You are more than welcome to use your real name, nickname or go completely anonymous.

Choose your paras by either:
commenting in the comment section of the blog…
Emailing me on dvine.treats@gmail.com
Or you can whatsapp me on +2773 428 1701

the zikr challenges work almost the same… we will inshallah be making the following thikrs…
first kalima
Third kalima

U can choose your amount and it will be added up.

I will inshallah try to update the page whenever i get the chance. Please bare with me if i am a little slow with updates as i do have my hands quite full…but i will try my best with Allahs help… i need this for my hidayah and ultimate success inshallah…

Jx for taking time to read this and if u have any questions,dont be shy to ask…

Remember me in your special duas…

Let the challenge begin……….

Bibi ayesha


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