no title!🙈

Assalamu alaykum dearest readers…

I understand how angry and annoyef you all are with me…i wouldve been too if i were a reader… and honestly, i wouldve given up this silly blog by now if the author was so incompetent. So im really grateful to those of you who are still around and havent ditched me yet..

Im not going to give you any sad stories of how crazily busy my life has been(even though thats true)…

My only reason i havent been able to continue is because i am suffering from an extreme case of writers block. I have no idea how to continue.

I know exactly how the story is going to end but im not sure how to get there. And this is where you all come in..

I need your help to unblock my pathetic brain…

Tell me what you loved most about the story…

Who is your favourite character…

What do you wish to happen next…

And basically let ur imaginations flow so i can continue…

Cant wait to hear from u all…

Lotsa love, hugs and no posts…

Bibi ayesha


13 thoughts on “no title!🙈”

  1. Slms . I could never be angry or annoyed . I’ve enjoyed all your posts so far. Don’t be stressed out about it. Just relax your mind. The ideas will come to you.

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  2. Loving your story line. I like hanzalas part the best….maybe Abdullah must find out about the other man but she realises that she has began to truly love abdullah and confesses her undying love for him and tells him how she chose him over the other guy…..he feels very jealous but glad that she chose him he realises he really loves her too and is grateful to her…. atm their marriage seems very formal each got their reservations finding out about the other guy and working through it will give them the trust and openness a marriage needs.

    Sabreen and nicholas have to get married!!! Maybe sabreen and abdullas wife shud join an art class or something n meet n sabreen feels drawn to her….they get chatting n after quite a few classes sabreen wants to accept islam cz she is so intruged. They go to abdullas house for her to accept islam n nick sees hanzala there he also accepts islam n sabreen shows them the rosary that abdullas first wife gave her…..a bitter sweet moment. A sheikh comes and performs sabreen and niks nikkah and they go home with so much more love n peace…..n live happily ever after

    But if that’s the end you have to start another blog! Lol

    Haha sorry for my long bayaan

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  3. Slmz
    Jzk khair for gettin back to us an atleast makin an effrt i honestly taut dat u also dissappeard for good like sum of our great authors out there

    Duno how.where or wen but i wud like sabreen n nicholas to meet help each othr out wit their issues n past n mayb hav a happily evr aftr🙈

    Hope to hear frm u soon😉

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  4. Salaams sister. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural to have writers block. Hopefully you get over it soon!☺
    It would be nice for Nicholas and sabreen to get married and for both of them to accept islam. The commenter above gave a nice scenario,sabreen can meet naeema and the two of them hit it off,and slowly naeema can teach her about islam. And nicholas can accept islam through hanzalahs efforts. Well I think she summed it up pretty well lol.

    Please check out my blog:

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