part 159:(nicholas)

You want to what?

Tasha asked in shock.

Work mum…like find a job….

Why?what do you need the money for? We give you everything that you need.

Nick sighed and scratched his head.

Why do you always think that everythings about money?

So what is it about nicko?

Ive been sitting in this house for months. I dont have a social life. I do nothing all day. Im beginning to get so agitated and frustrated that i feel like pulling my hair out. I need a life. And im not asking for anything crazy. All im asking is for you to allow me to do something constructive with my life.

Its your own fault that you are where you are nick!

I get that! I get that i was horrible! I get that i made mistakes… but we all do. Why am i the only one that has to be punished for the rest of my life for the mistakes i made? Is my life suddenly over now? Have i not proved myself in these past few months?

Nick got up and retreated to his room again, banging the door shut. He remained sulking all day. What was he supposed to do in this house all day, every day?

In the meantime, tasha explained to tom about nicks suggestion. Tom thought it to be a great idea.

He needs to learn responsibility.

But what if he gets upto mischief with the pretense of working?

Its all about trust tasha… if we dont give him a chance, how will we know? explain to him the consequences if he loses our trust.

Tasha took her time thinking it through. She was afraid of nick treading down the wrong path again. Eventually by the end of the week, she had made up her mind 

So where will you start looking? What kind of a job did you have in mind? Tasha asked.

I was thinking… err… maybe the mall wouldnt be such a bad idea. I could go to a few shops and aee if anyones looking for extra help.

Tasha sighed. Look its not that i dont want you to nicky… its just that… its not easy working for anyone. Especially when youre at your age. People are going to take advantage of you…

Ya mum… thanks… nick cut her off. He wasnt in the mood for her annoying lectures right now. He needed some space and to get out of the house soon. He didnt care how hard it was.. it couldnt be worse than being a prisoner in your own home 24/7. Or could it?

Il drop you off on my way to work in the morning okay? And if you need anything…

What? Call you? From where mum? A pay phone? They dont even have such things at the mall anymore. Everyone has cell phones these days.. thanks but il figure something out.

The next morning nick was up bright and early and full of determination. He wanted this. He needed something for himself. And the one thing that pushed him further was the hope of seeing sabreen again. He needed to find a job so she wouldnt think he was such a loser. And he needed to find one at the mall so he could be near her and see her everyday. She was an angel. His angel..  she had given him some meaning and hope to his life without her even knowing it.

And so began his search for work… he took a deep breath and started out at a jewelry store close to the entrance of the mall.


5 thoughts on “part 159:(nicholas)”

  1. أسّـلام عليـكم و رحـمة اللّـه و بركـاتـه.
    جزاك اللّه خيرا

    Yay! So great to hear from u again sister!
    Thanks so so much for posting again..
    This is my favourite blog..
    Please continue إن شـآء اللّـه


  2. Yay. Silentliving has broken the silence !! ​​​الحمد لله …….
    Lol – just kidding ….. So nice to see that u r bak – u were terribly missed .. *wink*

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Making dua u get ur inspiration quickly !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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