part 160:(nicholas)

Nick stood at the security gate at the entrance of the jewelry store waiting for someone to buzz him in. He tried to get someones attention to open up for him but no-one seemed interested. He waited for almost 10 minutes when the gate finally buzzed open for a customer to exit. Nick slipped in at that moment and looked for anyone to confront. Everyone was neatly dressed in formal clothes. Men in suit pants, shirts and ties and ladies in formal skirts and expensive blouses, each occupied and in deep conversation with clients.

Nick wondered if he just made the wrong decision by entering this place because he felt totally out of place with his baggy jeans, tight t-shirt, sneakers and mohawk hairstyle. He turned to look at the gate to see if he could exit without anyone noticing him but it was already shut. Damn! He would have to wait for someone to leave again. 

Nick tried to busy himself by looking at a few sets of jewelry in the window which didnt interest him in the least. The only jewelry that ever interested him was his tongue ring which tasha forced him to get rid of and the gold stud on his right ear which she could never convince him to remove.

Nick was suddenly startled by a loud, deep males voice behind him.

“Can i help you?”

Nick turned to face a tall, well built man who appeared to be in his late thirties wearing a grey suit and a very stern look on his face.

“Err…” he stuttered.

“I i…err..” he tried again.

“Are you looking for something in particular young man? A gift for someone?” He prompted further. Agitation in his voice having to deal with this poor looking shabby kid in his exclusive shop.

By now everyone was silent and watching the 2 of them out of curiosity. 

“No sir.. i… im actually here to speak to the manager please!?”

The man raised an eyebrow.. “are you now?”

Nick nodded. “Yes sir!”

“Well i am the manager.” The man replied amused.

“Oh” was all nick could say.

“So what is it boy? Talk quick! As you can see, we have work to do around here!” He gestured a hand around the shop. Clearly proud to be the manager of such exclusivity.

“Well sir…” he cleared his throat unable to speak to this giant. ” i was wondering if i could find a job here”

All the sales clerks roared with laughter and the gentleman before him smirked. Once the laughter settled, the manager looked at nick and said.. “i guess you got your answer then!”

And with that, he walked away leaving nick utterly humiliated.

What a bad start to a rather hopeful day.


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