part 161:

Nick felt utterly despondant after walking in and out of shops asking for a job. There wasnt a single shop that would even give him a chance. It was just a straight no. Nick wondered if this was how life would always be for him. Would he always be such a failure? A loser at everything he did? Surely there was something he could succeed in? Or was he just born to mess up and serve no purpose in life?

He sat down on one of the benches nearby contemplating whether to just throw in the towel and give up on finding a job altogether. Maybe he should just accept and abide by his mothers wish for him to leave between the 4 walls of their home doing absolutely nothing with his life.

He watched the people passing him by and wondered why he was deprived of the genuine smiles they all had on their faces as they strolled through shop after shop.

He wondered what it would have been like if he was born in a normal home with both his parents. What it would be like if he went to normal schools with normal friends and a normal life. A life unlike his.

Would he be a different individual if he had a father figure growing up?

Would he be any different had his mother been home with him instead of working?

He probably sat an entire hour in deep thought and sorrow before realising that it was way past lunch time. He had a splitting headache and was beyond starving. 

There was no doubt about where he was going for lunch. Maybe he would see his angel and all his worries and problems would automatically disappear.

With new excitement and enthusiasm, nick rushed to the opposite end of the mall towards the food court.

He entered the hamburger place and scanned the entire place in search of sabreen. But unfortunately she was nowhere to be seen.

He sighed in disappointment for the hundredth time that day and made his way to a table in the far corner of the restaurant.

Not long after he had been seated, a gorgeous red haired, grey eyed, very skinny girl chewing bubble gum appeared before him to take his order.

She was far more friendly than nick liked and he tried really hard to ignore her advances.

Once she brought his burger and milkshake, she made sure to pop by as often as possible to ask if he was okay or ‘needed anything’. Nick was so close to replying ‘some space and privacy would be nice’. But he held his tongue and continued eating.

His day couldnt get any worse. From not finding any work, to not seeing sabreen, to suffering from a splitting migraine and to top it all, the most annoying waitress making constant passes at him.

Nick thought about confronting the manager of the place for a job here as he knew it got really busy most of the time, but the thought of being stuck with red haired blonde brain just gave him a terrible shrill down his spine.

To her surprise, nick finally spoke to her when handing over his payment.

“Tell me…” he began.

She immediately blushed. Her cheeks were as red as her hair. “Yes?” She whispered. All kinds of thoughts of what nick wanted to know was going through her mind.

“There was a girl working here.. really pretty, blue eyes, a cleft just about here.” Nick pointed to where he remembered sabreens cleft.

The red heads face dropped and the red from blushing a few moments ago turned first to red of embarrassment and then anger.

“The clumsy mute girl you mean?” She asked in the most annoyed voice ever. “Funny a guy like you would be interested in someone as disturbed and boring as her.”

Nick raised an eyebrow.. “a guy like me?”

“ look more like the fun type that would be interested in girls like me.” She stated proudly, brushing her fringe out of her face almost to emphasise how gorgeous she was.

Before, during nicks ‘dark’ days, he wouldve found her flattering and would never hesitate in swapping numbers. However, now he was utterly disinterested.

Nick rolled his eyes and waited in anticipation for her to reply as to where sabreen was.

He looked at her expectantly..

“She only works here during the holidays!” And she marched off towards the front totally agitated with nicks disinterest in her.


12 thoughts on “part 161:”

  1. Poor Nick! No luck with job hunting 😔. Aaand he also didn’t get to see Sabreen. Hp he doesn’t give up hope. He should contact Hanzalah . He’s a good friend who can give Nick good advice. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope Nick doesn’t give up on his job hunting … It’s not easy – and he’s been let down and humiliated also …

    Awww , he’ s missing Sabreen !! Lol ..
    I agree with sister A – he must keep in Hanzala’s company …

    Nice to see u arnd also Sister A … We need to get together sometime .. Mrs S .. U need to organise a wedding soon !! Hehehe

    جزاك اللهُ خيراً

    Hope u missed me too ….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gud 2 hear from u 2 sister in Islam 😊.
    I think Beth should die & Nicholas & Sabreen should get married 😜. But first they should meet Hanzalah ‘s family & revert to Islam. Nicholas & Sabreen can bump into each other at Hanzalah ‘s house . Just an idea. …. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Whooaaaaaa this bloggg is…. hmm im speechless 😂😂.. i only started reading on friday.. n was glued till now 😂😂.. totally enjoyed it..👍👍.. cant wait to see what happens next..

    Liked by 1 person

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