part 162:

Authors note:

please note that i cannot post everyday but i will try to post more often than i used to and will try not to disappear for weeks on end…inshallah..


Only in the holidays? Does nick have to wait for the holidays to see her? Thats only in 6 weeks time. He wasnt sure if he could survive another 6 weeks… its been months since he last seen sabreen and everyday he was getting more and more restless. He really needed to see her. Not for any other reason  but just so that thev two of them  could connect. 

Was it possible to feel such a connection to a stranger? Without having said a single word to eachother before?

Eventually nick made his way to the taxi rank. His arrangement with tasha was that she would pick him up after work and meet him at the same entrance where she dropped him off in the morning. But the problem with that was that there was still 2 hours before she knocks off from work and he wasnt going to wait around for that long. He couldnt handle not having control over his own life. It was frustrating having to depend on everyone and it was pushing him over the edge. Making him terribly angry. 

He jumped into a red, almost broken down taxi that was heading in the direction of his house. He didnt have any other choice and waited for it to fill up with other passengers. After about 20 minutes, the taxi was full and began moving.

Nick wondered how long he would have to live like this? Deep down he wished something bad would happen to him so tasha would regret being so tight with him. Thats the only way, he thought, that she will feel guilty and atleast give him the freedom of having a phone and a car. He wasnt asking for too much. Those were necessities according to him.

Nick snapped himself out of his thoughts when he felt someones hot breath close to him. He turned to his right to find a young african lady smiling seductively at him. He didnt smile back. He felt disgusted and put his head in his hands. Couldnt this damn ride just come to an end? It was over crowded and the stench of everyones sweaty bodies made him want to puke.

When the taxi stopped at the next stop, nick decided to get off and walk the rest of the way. He paid the taxi dtiver and basically leaped out as fast as he could. Fresh air was never more welcomed in his life.

He was exhausted and out of breath by the time he had reached home. All he wanted to do was get into his room and lie down… but unfortunately, he didnt even have a key to enter.. he rang the bell with the hope that maybe the domestic was still inside but the longer he waited, he realised that she was probably out. Toms car wasnt in the driveway either which meant that he still wasnt back from wotk and after looking at his watch, he realised that tasha wouldnt be back anytime soon either since she would probably go looking for him at the mall first before coming home.

Nick kicked at a tiny stone in utter agitation. He wanted to scream, to throw something or break something. Maybe even hit someone. He was so angry.

He threw himself down on he grass and lay down. He stared at the clear blue sky above with a slight hint of orange. It was beautiful and soothing. Calming and peaceful. So peaceful infact that nicks exhausted body gave in and he fell asleep.


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