part 164:

Nick stared at tom for a moment. Tom was talking giberish…

“Nick!did you hear me son? Theres a call for you!” Tom repeated.

“Yeah…i heard…” nick said and swung his legs off the bed. But who would be calling him?

It was just too strange.

He walked to the phone which was mounted on the kitchen wall. They could have simply brought the cordless phone for him to the room, but ofcourse they still didnt trust him with the privacy of a phonecall either. 

Nick sighed at the thought… atleast they trusted him with a phonecall after months. Or was it that no-one cared to call him all these months?

He cleared his throat and spoke wih trepidation.. “hello?”

“Nicholas? Hello. How are you brother? Its so good to hear your voice.”

“Nerd boy? Err.. i mean hanzalah?” Nick asked in shock at hearing hanzalahs voice on the other end of the receiver.

“Yes nicholas. Its me! How have you been doing?”

“It took you months to bother about how im doing” nick said a tad too harshly.

There was silence on the other end for a moment before hanzalah replied. “I tried calling…”

“Yeah, im sure you did…but you couldnt get through right? The phone was engaged or something!” Nick said sarcastically.

“No…” Hanzalah said softly but without getting angry. Nick was being rude and not welcoming his call in the least. He ought to be annoyed and just put the phone down on him. Why should he try. But something told him to be patient and explain.

“No what? You have a different excuse then? Something more original?” Nick snapped.

Hanzalah took a deep breath… ” i tried calling you almost every week since the incident but everytime i called, your mum said you were not around to take the call. I waited for you to call me back so many times, but you never did and i thought maybe you didnt want to hear from me so i stopped contacting you altogether. But recently ive been thinking about you so often and today i just decided to try again.”

Guilt washed over nick. He felt terrible for being so nasty. It wasnt necessary to be so hard on hanzalah. He did try keeping in touch… but now he was even more angry… at tasha for not even telling him that hanzalah tried calling him. Bur he knew why. Hanzalah was indian and his mother and her family hated indians.

“Im sorry bro.. i didnt know..” he began apologising.

“Dont worry about it… its cool..” hanzalah brushed it off like it was no big deal. He changed the subject..

“Look… i was wondering… can we meet up sometime? I would really like to catch up with you…. see how youve been… you know?!”

“Erm…” nick cleared his throat. He wasnt sure how to answer because he didnt have the freedom to do as he wished. He was like a kid. He would need to check with his mother dearest.

“No pressure… think about it… and let me know. Let me give you my number…”

Nick scribbled down the number as hanzalah rattled it off. And then repeated it to make sure he took it down correctly.

“Okay then. Was good to speak to you again. Il wait for your call…”

“Thanks buddy!”

“Wait….err.. im sorry about being so rude…”

“Its cool brother…” hanzalah laughed it off… take care!”

Nick greeted and put the phone down. It felt so good to have a friend again. Even if it was hanzalah the nerd boy. He was genuine.. he knew that. If only he could get his life back to normal again. If only… but how?


8 thoughts on “part 164:”

  1. Hope Nick’s life changes for the better now that he’s in contact with hanzalah. It’s so sad that Tasha kept so much away from Nick but doesn’t realize that all he needs is a little of her love and attention.
    جزاكم الله خيرا for the lovely posts, it’s nice to have you back

    Liked by 1 person

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