part 165:

This post is especially dedicated to ‘awesums’ who has been reading my blog from the beginning for the past couple of days and liking every single post. Im sure she will catch up soon… just want to say jx sooooo much for taking up so much of your tym to read and like every post…just thought u should know that i have noticed 😙


“Abba jaan… i would like to go to university.”

Hanzalah was so afraid to ask his father. He didnt want to cause any extra stress on him. He wasnt sure what the finances were like at the moment. Or if his father would agree. 

Abdullah never discussed their financial situation. He didnt want to burden the family with any of that. It was his duty to see to everything. To provide and protect them all.

He was silent. And it made hanzalah a little nervous. Abdullah was always the type to calmly think things through in his mind before responding and hanzalah could see from his fathers expression that he was doing just that.

He would accept his fathers decision. Whatever it was. His father was wise and always knew whats best for him.

“I have spoken to moulana saheb at madressa and he advised me to first read istikhaarah” hanzalah continued when his father still didnt respond. “So i read my istikhaara and have a good feeling. Moulana said that i should make mashwara with abba jaan now.”

Abdullah nodded in appreciation but still remained in deep thought without a word.

“If abba jaan cannot manage to pay for it… i totally understand. But i would like to pay for my own studies if abba will allow it…”

Abdullah raised an eyebrow. “How will you pay for your studies beta?”

“I will find a job inshallah that can help me pay for my studies inshallah”

“And what about your hifzul quraan?”

“I only have 5 juzz left to complete abba jaan. But i will continue after fajr salaah and all of my free time inshallah as i need to continue with dhor of what i have already memorised… i will not neglect it. Its my first priority”

And abdullah knew that his son wasnt lying.

“Let us finish our supper and then you and i can continue this talk over some masala tea in the lounge?”

Hanzalah nodded. Abdullahs calm demeanor made him a little bit at ease.

Once supper was over, everyone helped to clear the dastarkhaan and wash dishes and then naeema put up the tea to boil.

Habiba set a plate of goolab jamun and took it to the lounge for hanzalah and her father. She then retreated to the study room to complete her homework.

Once the 2 of them were alone in the lounge abdullah sipped on his scorching cup of tea and then placed it back into its saucer.

“Beta….” abdullah began. “Please understand with an open mind what im about to say. I dont like to discuss financial matters with anyone here at home. It shouldnt concern any of you. By right, it is my duty to provide and see to everyones needs here at home. But today, i have to enclose this to you.” Abdullah spoke in a hushed tone in gujrati.

“Things are really looking down in the business. I havent been managing to pay rent at the shop. Infact, i am owing 3 months of rent. The landlord has been very patient and understanding until now. But just this morning i was told that i need to get all payments upto date or else they are going to have to close me down.”

“Abba jaan…im so sor…”

Abdullah lifted his hand to silence hanzalah.

“I am not telling you this to make you feel bad for asking me to study. You are a very bright boy. Your ummi jaan would have been very very proud of you if she was here.”

They both had a glint of a tear in thrir eyes at the mention of naseema.

“You have managed to complete memorising most of the quraan in just these few months mashallah. And your results from your last year at school made me so proud aswel. With your kind of marks, you could have gotten acceptance in any university yet you chose to pursue The quraan shareef instead. It will be terribly unfair of me to say no to this request of yours.”

“No abba. It wont be unfair. After knowing what you have just told me, it would be terribly selfish of me to still want to do this. I apologise abba jaan. I will not bring this up again.” Hanzalah looked down ashamed of himself.

“No beta.. i want you to go ahead with it… it will only benefit us all oneday inshallah. I unfortunately cannot employ you in the shop as i dont have the funds to pay you. But one of my friends was looking for someone. I will ask him if he has a spot for you still.”

“No abba jaan… i will work but i rather help out here at home.”

“Are you going against your fathers wishes beta?”

Hanzalah looked down and shook his head. ” no abba jaan. Never!”

“Alhamdulillah then, its settled. What was it that you were interested in studying beta?”

“Medicine abba. I want to be a doctor. I want to help people with the help of Allah just like ummi who are suffering with all kinds of illnesses.”

Abdullah pat his son on the back fondly and then hugged him. “And you will make a great doctor oneday dr hanzalah gujiwala”


9 thoughts on “part 165:”

  1. Welcome back sister, hope you had a lovely weekend.
    I love the manner Abdullah handles all affairs, not burdening his family with all his worries, hope his business picks up and he can make ends meet ان شاء الله
    Hanzalah is such a good boy and with his manners he will make the best doctor

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  2. I am a silent reader, but since you kindly dedicated this post to me 😊….
    ماشاء الله
    you are a very talented author . Your storyline is unique and I love that it highlights the reality of what our youth are exposed to.
    Your dedication to posting regularly should also be commended.
    May Allah guide you and may you grow from strength to strength.
    Hope you continue writing and sharing with us. 🏆

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  3. Abdullah is a level headed person who always handles their affairs with maturity. Wish all men were like that 😜. Lol! Hanzalah is a perfect example of a good Muslim teenager. May Allah Ta’ala mk all our youth like him. Aameen! 💙

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  4. Omw I can’t believe I missed out on so many posts!! I was waiting for an email but for some reason I didn’t get any and I assumed you had out the blog on hold. It’s awesome though cuz I’m getting so many posts to read at once lol.


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